At least seven democratic members the Congress, including Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, reportedly plan to boycott chairman Donald Trump’s State that the Union deal with on Tuesday evening.

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It’s no the first a publicly ceremony entailing Trump has actually led come boycotts indigenous Democrats. At the very least 11 democratic lawmakers boycotted Trump’s very first State that the Union deal with in 2018 and also around 60 legislators boycotted his inauguration.

Ocasio-Cortez stated she will certainly not to visit the State that the Union so her visibility at the ceremony will not “normalize Trump’s lawless conduct.”

“This is a deeply personal decision because that each member to make, and a selection I did not take lightly,” she said on Twitter.

Massachusetts Rep. Ayanna Pressley additionally said she will boycott tonight’s event, calling it a “sham.”

California Rep. Maxine Waters claimed she would not be in ~ the ceremony “to hear the post of one IMPEACHED president.” Waters has previously boycotted Trump’s State the the Union and also did no attend his inauguration.

Texas Rep. Al Green additionally said he would certainly not attend and said the state that the House, Senate and also Union space divided since of one “unapologetically bigoted president.”

Tennessee Rep. Steve Cohen stated he will not attend since he walk not think Trump is “worthy of the dignity and also respect accorded come his predecessors.”

Florida Rep. Frederica Wilson and Oregon Rep. Earl Blumenauer are likewise reportedly boycotting the event, according to The Hill. Both reps. Have actually previously boycotted Trump’s State that the Union.

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During the State the the Union, Congressmen Tim Ryan that Ohio and Bill Pascrell of new Jersey stated they walked out of the address:

Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar is acquisition a different strategy to signal her “resistance” to the President. “I to be attending on behalf of every one of those targeted by this president to say, ‘We are greater than hate,"” Omar said.





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