Democrats determined to end their day-long sit-in protest on the house floor over gun regulate Thursday.

Rep. Man Lewis, who released the sit-in Wednesday morning the eventually attracted 170 lawmakers, lit up society media, and also infuriated home Republicans – yet spurred no legislative action – stated the fight was no over.

“We need to come earlier here ~ above July 5th much more determined than ever before before,” Lewis said.

“We room going to win,” he told supporters on the Capitol steps after the sit-in was halted. “The hit is no over. This is just one action of when we come earlier here ~ above July the 5th we’re going to proceed to push, to pull, to was standing up, and also if necessary, to sit down. For this reason don’t offer up, don’t offer in. Store the faith, and keep her eyes on the prize.”

He also tweeted, “We got in trouble. We gained in the way. An excellent trouble. Vital Trouble. By sitting-in, we were yes, really standing up.”

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Lawmakers said that throughout the July fourth break, they would take the problem to their districts.

“We room going back to our conference districts – we are going to interact our ingredient on this subject, and also we will certainly not allow this body feel as comfortable together in the past,” Rep. Jim Clyburn said. “On July 5, we will return, and at the time we will be operation on a new sense that a purpose.”

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republic had previously tried come shut down the sit-in, however the Democrats’ protest over the absence of action on gun regulate lasted for much more than 24 hours. Residence Democrats were looking for votes to broaden background checks and also ban gun sales come those top top the no-fly watch list.

In the center of the night, the house GOP had sought to finish the extraordinary work of drama by quickly adjourning for a recess that will certainly last through July 5.

The Republican move was an initiative to end a protest that started Wednesday morning in reaction to the massacre in Orlando as soon as Democrats took end the home floor and also tried to pressure votes on gun control. However throughout the morning Thursday, 10-20 Democrats, including home Minority leader Nancy Pelosi for much of the time, stayed on the floor.

in ~ one point, a police officer said the Democrats that they would be conducting a day-to-day security sweep. “I’d ask the you clean the floor while that happens,” the officer said.

Pelosi responded: “That’s no going to happen” and also the security check then took location involving five agents and a dog together the House autonomous leader ongoing speaking, undeterred.