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"We take it a transaction to the president simply last February, much less than a year ago -- $25 billion end 10 years in border protection done the right way -and the president go out up the deal."


Sen. Tim Kaine claims President Donald Trump to be once available all the money he wanted for southern border security, and turned it down.

His comment came during a Jan.9 interview on CNN, between a federal government shutdown over debates on resources to broaden a security wall on the southern border. Trump is demanding $5.7 billion for project; congressional democrats are illustration the line at $1.3 billion.

Kaine claimed his other Democrats have tried in the past to compromise through Trump on border security, but to no avail.

"We took a deal to the president simply last February, less than a year back - $25 billion over 10 years in border defense done the right means - and the president go out up the deal," Kaine said.

We wondered whether Kaine’s statement is accurate.

Miryam Lipper, the senator’s spokesperson, referred united state to a short-lived invoice the councilor co-sponsored in February 2018. The Senate was strongly debating immigration. Trump had actually announced the on in march 5, the would start winding under the Deferred action for Childhood Arrivals regime - or DACA - that protects from deportation kids who were lugged to the U.S. As illegal immigrants. The Senate to be seeking a vast compromise with Trump top top immigration plans that would save DACA prior to the march 5 deadline.

Trump backed a Republican bill the would have appropriated $25 billion for border security. The law honored four problems the president collection for continuing DACA:

Provide money to construct the wall;

Establish a path to citizenship for DACA children, or "dreamers;"

End the visa lottery regimen that promotes country diversity of immigrants, and

Ending the diversity visa lottery and restricting family-based immigration - i m sorry the Democrats speak to "family reunification - were anathema come Democrats. Without bipartisan support, the bill couldn’t with the 60 votes necessary to end controversy on it and to breakthrough to a pass-or-fail roll call.

So Democrats and also a handful Republicans - on Feb. 14, 2018 - presented a substitute bill the they hoped would certainly muster enough bipartisan backing to happen the 60-vote cloture rule. The measure referred to as for $25 billion in border spending end 10 year for wall surface construction and also a organize of various other security measures. The bill, however, go not deal with Trump’s demands to finish the lottery and also narrow family-based immigration.

On Feb. 15, White house Press Secretary buy it Huckabee Sanders issued a statement threatening Trump would veto the instead of bill. Trump, in tweets, dubbed the bill "a total catastrophe," that would create "mass amnesty because that over 10 million illegal aliens, consisting of criminals."

The Washington Post and also The new York times reported the Trump also objected that the bill would allocate the $25 billion over 10 years, instead of all at once.

Later the day, the bill failed. Return a bipartisan group of 54 senators voted for cloture - a bulk - they came short of the 60 votes necessary to advance. Minute later, the Republican invoice backed by Trump additionally died.

Congress failure to reach the in march 5 attributed to safeguard DACA, yet the phase-out that the program has actually put on organize by number of courts.

Our ruling

Kaine said, "We took a transaction to the president simply last February, less than a year ago - $25 billion end 10 year in border security done the right means - and the president blew up the deal."

He’s introduce to a 2018 bill backed by Senate Democrats and a couple of Republicans that would have provided $25 billion end a decade to considerably expand the wall surface and money other program to boost Southern border security.

Trump vehemently opposed the bill and also threatened to veto it due to the fact that it did not contain 2 immigration revolutionary he demanded: finishing the visa lottery and also deeply restricting family-based immigration.

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We quibble, however, v Kaine’s use of the hatchet "deal," which suggests everything was guarantee for passage if the president went along. Republic lawmakers never made the promise. The was really a proposal.