The Senate Committee top top the Judiciary offers oversight that the department of Justice and the organ under the Department's jurisdiction, including the federal Bureau that Investigation, and also the room of countryside Security. It likewise plays vital role in the consideration of nominations and pending legislation. Any type of legislation pertained to civil liberty, constitution amendments, immigration and also naturalization, and also a variety of various other topics is described the Committee. (source)

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That would encompass perhaps the most famous AUMF in contemporary history, the one passed job after 9/11. Oct 15, 2021

Chair:Sen. Richard Durbin Ranking Member:Sen. Charles “Chuck” Grassley Democrats:11Republicans:11

The chair is always selected from the majority party and the ranking member is the most an elderly member of the minority party.The bulk party guarantee it has a bulk on every committee.






Members are provided in order of their rank on the committee and also its subcommittees. Committee membership info is from the unitedstates job on github.


Date PDF Bill
Sep 12, 2019 PDF S. 1273 (116th): instance Act of 2019
Dec 12, 2018 PDF S. 2961 (115th): victims of boy Abuse action Reauthorization act of 2018
Sep 17, 2018 PDF S. 2823 (115th): Music Modernization Act
Aug 22, 2018 PDF S. 994 (115th): Protecting Religiously Affiliated institutions Act of 2018
Jan 18, 2018 PDF S. 2070 (115th): Kevin and Avonte’s regulation of 2017
Mar 23, 2017 PDF S. 178 (115th): Elder Abuse Prevention and Prosecution Act
Dec 20, 2016 PDF S. 3270 (114th): Elder Abuse Prevention and also Prosecution Act
Dec 9, 2016 PDF S. 2614 (114th): Kevin and also Avonte’s regulation of 2016
Dec 6, 2016 PDF S. 2763 (114th): Holocaust Expropriated art Recovery plot of 2016
May 25, 2016 PDF S. 2390 (114th): commonwealth Bureau of investigation Whistleblower Protection improvement Act the 2016
Mar 7, 2016 PDF S. 1890 (114th): safeguard Trade tricks Act of 2016
Dec 15, 2015 PDF S. 1169 (114th): youth Justice and also Delinquency avoidance Reauthorization plot of 2015
Feb 23, 2015 PDF S. 337 (114th): FOIA improvement Act that 2016

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Press Statements

Committee press statements indigenous ProPublica Represent:

“Feinstein, Cortez Masto, valve Hollen, Cardin, colleagues Urge assistance of TPS Holders” — Nov 13, 2020

“Feinstein come Graham: follow Precedent, prevent Processing Judges during Lame Duck” — Nov 12, 2020

“Feinstein top top One-Year Anniversary the VAWA Reauthorization Introduction” — Nov 12, 2020

“Feinstein declare on Texas v. California supreme Court Hearing” — Nov 10, 2020

“Feinstein, Menendez, Castro, Torres, Colleagues call For Accountability complying with Trump Administration’s Reckless Immigration operation in Guatemala” — Oct 29, 2020

“Senate Confirms Amy Coney Barrett to the can be fried Court” — Oct 26, 2020

“Feinstein Speaks against Barrett Nomination” — Oct 25, 2020

“Chairman Graham: tech CEOs to Testify top top Censorship and also Suppression that News Articles, dealing with of 2020 Election” — Oct 23, 2020

“Senate democrats Denounce trump card Administration’s Historically short Refugee Resettlement Goal and Push for raised Admissions” — Oct 22, 2020

“Feinstein Remarks together Judiciary democracy Boycott Committee poll on Barrett Nomination” — Oct 22, 2020

“Feinstein, Murkowski introduce Resolution Supporting domestic Violence Awareness Month” — Oct 22, 2020

“Schumer and also Senate Judiciary Committee democrats Statement ~ above Decision to Boycott Illegitimate can be fried Court Markup” — Oct 22, 2020

“Feinstein, Klobuchar, Colleagues need Explanation of justice Department’s Sudden readjust to election Non-Interference Policy” — Oct 22, 2020

“Senate Judiciary Committee Unanimously sends Judge Barrett’s Nomination come the full Senate” — Oct 22, 2020

“Feinstein: Barrett Hearings shown Reproductive legal rights Fears” — Oct 21, 2020

“Feinstein, Durbin, Nadler, Lofgren declare on Administration’s Consultation on refugee Admissions” — Oct 21, 2020

“Feinstein, Warren, Senate democrats to Attorney general William Barr: Stop efforts to Gut the Affordable care Act in Court” — Oct 21, 2020

“Chairman Graham ~ above Dems Boycotting Committee Vote: “Judge Barrett Deserves a Vote and also She Will get a Vote”” — Oct 21, 2020

“Chairman Graham ~ above Court Packing: “We’re Sticking v Nine”” — Oct 21, 2020

“Senate Judiciary Committee to call Twitter, facebook Over Censorship of new York article Articles” — Oct 19, 2020