UNITED states (WJW) — some Americans are calling because that a brand-new national anthem amid the nationwide tendency of removed monuments, statues and other icons that have ties to slavery.

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Francis Scott key wrote the poem “Defence of ft M’Henry” on September 14, 1814 when he saw the us flag flying end the fort at dawn’s early on light, according to the Smithsonian Institute,

This poem later on served together the text for “The Star-Spangled Banner,” which ended up being the official national anthem of the united state in 1931.

However, citizens are now asking because that a new national anthem due to the fact that of Key’s ties come slavery.

The Smithsonian reports that key was a slave owner and also defended servant owners’ civil liberties to own human property.

A change.org petition to be recently produced to change the nationwide anthem come “America the Beautiful.”

The petition alleges that not only did key own slaves, but likewise that the song itself “contains racism, elitism and even sexism installed in its 3rd and fourth stanzas.”

Petition creators likewise argue the track is focused on victory and military strength and also does not exemplify the American worths of brotherhood, nationwide unity and also patriotism. They also cite referrals of inequality amongst men and women.

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Those encouraging the change also argue the “America the Beautiful” is not just timeless but additionally “expresses and also celebrates the greatest of all ideals – i.e. Brotherhood within our borders, deference come our natural resources. And indirectly alludes come the safeguarding and also conservation of ours air, water, and also land. And in its later on stanzas it additionally clarifies simply laws, heroism and also patriotism.”

Several twitter users have responded come the petition, part in opposition, others saying other patriotic songs the they think could do for a great anthem.

donaldglover composed “This is America” and also isn’t a racist slave owner prefer Francis Scott Key. Deserve to we readjust the nationwide Anthem to the song due to the fact that it resonates an ext than the star spangled banner?

— Coach E (
MrIanEldredge) June 25, 2020

If girlfriend don’t like the nationwide Anthem don’t song it however don’t adjust it for the remainder of us

— Candace