He is now a seasoned preacher who has actually a genuine passion for promoting the gospel that Christ. Previously well-known as one actor, Demond Wilson is a male who has actually seen the all. His highs and low moments have actually made that the prominent man he is today. His career together a Hollywood actor was prospering when the suddenly readjusted gears and also became an ordained preacher. This inexplicable move caught many human being by surprise, so how has actually he been doing since the far-reaching shift?


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Profile summary

Full name: Grady Demond Wilson (commonly well-known as Demond Wilson)Date that birth: 13th October 1946Place the birth: Valdosta, GeorgiaMarital status: MarriedSpouse: Cicely JohnstonNationality: AmericanEthnicity: black color AmericanHeight: 1.76 metersProfession: Actor, preacher and author

Early childhood and education

Actor Demond Wilson was enrolled in a college where he learned both ballet and tap dance. These classes incited his curiosity in the entertainment world. In ~ the period of 4, he made his Broadway debut together a dancer. When he was only 12, that featured together a dancer in Harlem’s Apollo Theater. As soon as he was 13, his appendix ruptured and placed that in a critical condition. He assumed he would die. When he recovered from this scary ordeal, Demond Wilson swore to serve God in his adulthood.

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Body measurements

Demond Wilson elevation is 1.76 meters (5 feet 9 inches). Together of 1985, his weight was 87 kg (191.8 lbs). His weight this day is unknown. Neither are details the his shoes size and size of clothing known by the public. He has, however, preserved a healthy-looking body end the years.


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Career path

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Sanfords_SonSource: Twitter

In 1966, Demond Wilson joined the United states Army. He had served in the fourth Infantry division until 1968 as soon as he was injured in Vietnam. After the wounding, he returned house where the was welcomed as a bejewelled veteran. Quickly after recovering, he returned to the Broadway whereby he did numerous stage productions. He also featured in off-stage productions because that a while. Afterwards, that made the big move to Hollywood where he had the ability to get different roles in the film and entertainment world. He made guest appearances in every in the Family and Mission: Impossible. He was additionally cast in various films, amongst them, the 1971’s The Organization and also 1972’s Dealing: Or the Berkeley-to-Boston Forty-Brick Lost-Bag Blues.

In the Hollywood scene, Wilson ended up being famous after he landed the lead function of Lamont Sanford in the sitcom Sanford and also Son. The sitcom ran native 1972 come 1977. Initially, Johnny Brown has been considered to take up the function due come his exceptional performance in the show Laugh-In. Things adjusted when Wilson bagged the position, and also Brown went front to star in a different role. Wilson’s fame raised in the show after Redd Foxx walked far in 1974 complying with a salary problem with the producers. In 1977, the popular display was cancelled.


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Sanford and Son allowed Wilson to develop close relationships through different cast members. He was particularly close come Foxx, and also the pair kept a great relationship also after Wilson refuse to star together Lamont when Foxx tried come revive the sitcom. Foxx later died in 1991, and also Wilson admitted that they had actually lost touch ~ the sitcom was cancelled in 1977. Nevertheless of the distance, Wilson admitted in this book second Banana, Wilson’s memoir that the Sanford, the there had actually been no animosity in between them.

Soon ~ Stanford and also Son, Wilson was cast in the show Baby… I’m ago by CBS corporation. He jumped on this opportunity due to the fact that the contract would certainly earn him a huge chunk of money. In this new show, the starred together Raymond Ellis. The show had no lasted long before it to be cancelled. He later on played the duty of Oscar Madison alongside Ron Glass that was actors as Felix Unger in the sitcom The new Odd couple by American Broadcasting agency (ABC). This was a work again, please again of the original present that aired between 1970 and 1975 and also starred Tony Randall and Jack Klugman. In 1981, that was component of the film complete Moon High, Me and also the child in 1993 and Hammerlock in 2000.


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Wilson shocked the people when he, a look at top-notch demonstrate in the entertainment world, referred to as it quits to become a preacher. Preaching to be his childhood dream that he had collection aside for many years. In addition to preaching, he came to be a published writer of numerous children’s books and books on Christianity. As an author, his name has on number of occasions to be misspelt together Desmond. This has since been corrected.

When questioned, Wilson asserts that preaching is not a career, but a noble calling. He was ordained as a church minister in 1984. He additional states that he no longer has a thirst because that acting, for this reason he will certainly not it is in re-joining the entertainment industry unless the is because that Christian-based shows. Wilson founded the Demond Wilson ns in 1985. The headquarters are situated in Laguna Hills, California. End the years, he has stood in former of broad audiences come preach the gospel that Jesus Christ.

DemondWilson (modified through author)Source: UGC

In 1995, Wilson founded a centre known as reconstruction House. The facility’s main goal is come rehabilitate former prisoners and assist lock in coming to be honest and also hardworking citizens. This is achieved through vocational training, mentoring and spiritual guidance. Come date, the institution has rehabilitated many former convicts.

Demond Wilson network worth

Wilson has been a jack of miscellaneous trades in his lifetime. The is thus thought to have built up properties indigenous his different professions. From his acting duty in The brand-new Odd couple in 1982 and 1983, Wilson is said to have been receiving hefty weekly payments. Native his calling as a preacher, it is difficult to estimate the amount of wide range he has actually gathered. Similarly, what that has acquired from gift an author is however to it is in disclosed to the public. Nonetheless, Demond Wilson now has actually wealth whose worth stands at an approximated $1.5 million.

Marriage and also family life

On the third of may 1974, Wilson married Cicely Johnston. The pair has to be married because that four and also a fifty percent decades now. In the marriage, Demond Wilson wife provided birth come 6 youngsters who are currently adults. The Demond Wilson kids photos are difficult to obtain online since they lead quiet lives. The preacher has managed to keep details the his family members life under wraps, for this reason not lot is known around his wife. She is, however, said to be previously working together a stewardess and model. When she and the Demond Wilson youngsters are rather personal people, they are all successful in their corresponding fields.

Wilson has previously admitted that his marital relationship was rocky in his element years. At the time, he to be a substance addict who invested a many money each week ~ above addictive substances. His use of these substances came along with a lousy company and a promiscuous lifestyle. He, on numerous occasions, cheated on his wife leading to a stress, overload in the couple’s relationship. He states that the decision come go ago to Christ and also serve as a pastor conserved his marriage. Because becoming a preacher, his marriage has been stable and also enjoyable.

DemondWilson (modified through author)Source: Facebook

Is Demond Wilson still alive?

Rumours of Demond Wilson death began floating in the media ~ his leave from the public eye. Native the pulpit, Demond Wilson today says that the rumours were misguided. That reports that his Hollywood life is dead, yet his life together a Christian continues to thrive. The asserts that his departure from the limelight readily available him a chance to reconnect with his family and also to construct his character together a reformed creature. He is at this time authoring, to run his repair House, and preaching. Every information around the Demond Wilson reason of fatality or Demond Wilson death day is, therefore, a hoax.

Media appearances as an ordained pastor

Over the years, Demond has showed up in the display Praise the lord on Trinity broadcasting Network, alongside Clifton Davis. In these one-of-a-kind appearances, he has been preaching and also encouraging people to become great Christians. He often refers to his past life during his preaching and uses his experience to motivate people. He freshly made a distinct appearance in the sitcom Girlfriends whereby he play Lynn’s biological dad in the UPN Network’s production. On the 30th of January 2009, he additionally appeared as Bill O’Reilly’s dad in the O’Reilly Factor.

Wilson has additionally appeared in Christian productions. In 2011, that was cast alongside Nina Nicole in the beat The measure of a man that was created by Matt Hardwick. The beat is collection in southern Georgia and is categorised as a faith-based creation. In 2009, it to be disclosed that Wilson would certainly star in another spiritual production, confidence Ties. The film which was in the pre-production stage at the time was classified together a melodramatic family movie. The was set to be released in 2016, and also the trailer is easily accessible on YouTube.

Where is Demond Wilson?

Since he was ordained together an interdenominational preacher in 1985, Wilson has actually been top top the gospel circuit. That has likewise appeared in some commercials and is the founder that Restoration home of America, a centre near Lynchburg, Virginia, that helps rehabilitate jail inmates due to the fact that 1994.

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Although the is tough to find Demond Wilson household photos, the is evident that an actor then and also a preacher and also author currently is a family members man. Demon Wilson is famed for his duty in Sanford and also Son. Today, the is a seasoned preacher that is the end to rescue souls because that Christ. He proceeds to impact the human being as a Christian and also preacher. In the future, us hope to see an ext of his books and also special appearances in faith-based films.

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