Ukrainian police say an ex-member of Russia"s State Duma, Denis Voronenkov, has been eliminated by unidentified gunmen in Kyiv. Voronenkov had moved to Ukraine after complaining of persecution by Russian defense agencies.

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A Moscow armed forces court has started hearing the case of 5 men doubt of authorized in the 2015 murder. But Russian the contrary activists have criticized the Kremlin because that failing to uncover those that ordered the killing. (03.10.2016)

Vladimir Kara-Murza had suffered kidney failure and also was briefly in a coma because of poisoning by an unknown substance. The is known for his human rights advocacy and work with various other Putin critics, including Boris Nemtsov. (19.02.2017)

The Russian journalist and human civil liberties activist Anna Politkovskaya was shot dead on October 7, 2006. The murder shocked the nation and the world - and, Politovskaya"s kids say, justice stays undone. (07.10.2016)

A brothers judge has actually said Russian president Vladimir Putin most likely approved a arrangement by a Russian security company to kill former agent Alexander Litvinenko. Suspect Andrei Lugovoi has called the ide "absurd." (21.01.2016)

Ukrainian police claimed Voronenkov was shot and also killedat the entrance of an upscale hotel in the facility of Kyiv on Thursday roughly middaylocal time (1000 UTC).

State news firm Ukrinform reportedhis bodyguard had controlled to wound the assailant, that was currently in hospital. Police stated the bodyguard had likewise been wounded and also was hospitalized.

The former Russian lawmaker, 45, who had belonged come the Communist faction in the lower house of the Russian parliament, had actually moved to Ukraine native Russia last year, saying the he was being persecuted by defense authorities. He had beenwanted for fraud in Russia adhering to his departure.

He was married to opera singer Maria Maksakova, additionally a previous lawmaker who belonged to the joined Russia party of president Vladimir Putin. She relocated to Ukraine through her husband.

Mysterious deaths

After leaving Russia and taking Ukrainian citizenship, Voronenkov had voiced vehement criticism the Moscow"s addition of Crimea in march 2014 - although he had actually voted in donate of the at the time -and the Kremlin"s involvement in a pro-Russian insurgency in east Ukraine.

He was additionally considered a angry in Ukraine"s treason case against its former pro-Moscow president, Viktor Yanukovych, that was ousted in early 2014 between mass protests calling for closer ties v the european Union. Yanukovych has been accused of notified the usage of violence come suppress the protests.

A variety of Putin opponents have died or come to be seriously ill in current years under secret circumstances, frequently leading to allegations that the Kremlin is behind the incidents. The Kremlin has actually never declared any type of involvement.

This time, too, Ukraine was rapid to placed the reference on Russia, with President Petro Poroshenko call the death an act of "state terrorism" by Moscow.

Ukraine"s basic Prosecutor Yuriy Lutsenko describedit as a "typical display execution that a witness by the Kremlin."

Russian news organ reported that Moscow, in the turn, had actually swiftly dismissed the allegations.

"We think that any kind of insinuationsthat can currently be heard around a so-calledRussian connectionare absurd," spokesman Dmitry Peskov to be quoted together saying.

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In his statement, Peskov said Putin had been notified of Voronenkov"s killing and had expressed the hope the the affair can be solved by Ukrainian authorities.