Charlie Sheen denied the his ex-wife Denise Richards was not notified about their court hearing about child support.

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“All parties were served and informed of the court date virtually three months ago,” the actor’s publicist, Jeff Ballard, solely told Us Weekly top top Wednesday, October 6. “The judge would certainly not have actually ruled had they no been. To case otherwise is a complete fabrication.”


Charlie Sheen and also Denise Richards. Shutterstock (2)

The 56-year-old Two and a half Men alum, for his part, added: “If has a problem, she have to go come the courthouse and also talk come the judge.”

Us exclusively confirmed on Monday, October 4, that Sheen’s request to stop paying Richards, 50, boy support was granted after their eldest daughter, Sami, 17, moved right into his home. (The exes, that were married native 2002 to 2006, are additionally parents the daughter Lola, 16.)

A source claimed ~ above Monday the the Real Housewives the Beverly Hills alum was no at the hearing due to the fact that she to be “working out of state, which Charlie to be well aware of,” adding that she “was never ever served this court date.” However, a separate insider formerly alleged that Richards was properly notified about the hearing.

A source close come the actress tells Us the Sami moved in through her dad in July rather than April, as Sheen’s attorney insinuated in court. “He is making awful parenting decisions,” the insider claims, citing the teen’s recent expedition to ras Vegas with a girlfriend for a music festival as an example.

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“He encouraged Sami to drop out of high school, well, because he go also,” the source alleges. “Lola goes earlier and forth in between her dad’s house and also her mom’s. Charlie was constantly undercutting Denise because that months prior to Sami relocated out. … that made parenting for Denise impossible. Denise just wants what is finest for all 3 of her daughters. She love because that the kids is not in question.”

Amid the court drama, Richards is in call with her earliest child. “Denise and Sami space talking, and also Denise respects her daughter. She is incredibly smart,” the insider tells Us. “Denise is on place shooting a kids’ movie on the East Coast. She is a busy functioning mom and also respects she kids’ privacy and won’t speak publicly around this.”

Sheen spoke the end after Monday’s ruling, sharing his satisfaction through the outcome. “I think what transpired today is very fair,” he exclusively told Us at the time. “It speaks to not simply today, yet it speak historically to that very same fairness.”

The Anger Management alum filed to adjust the kid support arrangement in December 2019. Referee Alexander Giza listed during the hearing the Richards did no submit any type of opposition paperwork.

Sami previously made headlines in September after ~ claiming in a TikTok video clip that she was “trapped” in one “abusive” residence with the Bold and the Beautiful actress prior to moving in through her dad. (A resource told Us at the moment that Richards “set regular rules that any parent would be setting.”)

Sheen confirmed later the month the Sami was living v him. “Sam’s amazing. Ns love her and all my youngsters unconditionally,” that told Us through Ballard. “We’re having a ball. GED here we come!”

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