Take a trip to Odense to check out the cobbled roads of his Hans Christian Andersen's childhood home and the linked museum, and take a step back in time.

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Walk in the footsteps of Hans Christian Andersen

Hans Christian Andersen to be born in a small yellow residence on a cobbled street in the center of Odense in 1805. And also it’s quiet there! this day it’s one of the oldest poet museums in the world and also a good place to begin a Hans Christian Andersen tour with Odense’s oldest and prettiest parts. Take it a photo next to Hans Christian Andersen’s frosting in the Fairy tale Garden, or that the dramatic 12-metre high mural of his confront at Bangs Boder. And continue the tour with a walk about Munkemose Park, where you'll uncover sculptures appropriate out of his fairy tales, consisting of The little Mermaid and also The Wild Swans.

The new museum

Open from Summer 2021, the new H C other lens Hus is additionally in the historical quarter of Odense. Friend won't discover his old pair of shoes or writing workdesk there since it is all around his work, quite than him. In fact, the totality idea is the the museum speaks like him, not about him. It's complete of award-winning art and items from other inspiring children's writers, and you have the right to buy a three-in-one ticket that give you accessibility to both museums and also the Møntergården, all in the same trip. 


Storms Pakhus Street Food Odense

More things to perform in Odense

Odense has an neck market, one of Denmark’s greatest shopping centres, Rosengaardcenteret, and also Fyn’s largest sector every Wednesday and Saturday.

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Head come the area exterior the concert hall to sample fresh farm develop from across the island that Fyn, as civilization have excellent in Odense because that centuries, and if you're yes, really keen to get in the Hans Christian Andersen spirit, look out for hindbærsnitte in the neighborhood bakeries - reportedly these raspberry biscuits to be his favourites! Odense’s street food market, Storms Pakhus, is additionally a famous place come grab part grub and get to understand the locals. 

Cultural highlights in Odense

Head come Odense in respectable to experience the highly-respected Odense global Film Festival and the fairytale magic of Hans Christian Andersen Festival. If you’re bringing kids, or are simply a large one yourself, Odense Zoo is open up 365 days a year and also October is as soon as Harry Potter pan descend top top Odense because that the Magic work Festival.