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Every football fan remembers Dennis Green coaching the Cardinals in 2006 screaming in ~ the podium ~ a loss come the Bears: "They room who we believed they were, and we allow them turn off the hook!"

Green"s rant to be an all-time classic and also spawned memes and commercials. Seriously, it"s tremendous, and also now practically 15 years later we find out that Washington football Team head coach Ron Rivera played a major role in the finish. 

13 year Ago: Dennis Green detailed us through the greatest recorded coaching rant of every time pic.twitter.com/Mp957NNyRe

— Sami Jarjour (
JarjourSami) October 16, 2019

At the time Rivera to be the Chicago protective coordinator with the NFL"s ideal defense going into a main 6 showdown against Arizona on Monday Night Football. The Bears had actually a 5-0 record and were hefty favorites to success the game over the 1-4 Cardinals. 

Well, at halftime the score to be 20-0 Arizona.

The bears defense play lousy for the very first 30 minutes, and also at halftime, Rivera permit them hear around it. 

"We to be in Arizona; it was 2006 top top Monday Night Football and we did no play really great football in the an initial half. Ron came in there and he permit it be known," brand-new Washington defensive backs coach kris Harris said.

Harris play cornerback for that Bears team and said the halftime speech was when he knew there is no a doubt that Rivera would certainly eventually come to be a head coach. 

"He told everyone to male up and said, "I don"t desire to see anyone pointing any type of fingers. You come back and point that finger in ~ yourself. You perform your job. If you perform your job, climate we will win this football game." and also he came in and also just set it the end there and also he is a an extremely blunt person and also he is going come tell you precisely like it."

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In the second half Chicago only allowed three an ext points and also eventually the bears offense placed up sufficient points to victory the video game 24-23. The loss drove environment-friendly to his well known postgame tirade, and it to be Rivera"s decided that placed his defense right into overdrive. 

So what specifically did he say?

"I don"t recognize if I deserve to speak any kind of of that in mixed company. But it to be intense. It was intense, that was an extremely intentional and it was very blunt. He kind of called it prefer it is. The didn"t sugarcoat anything. Us weren"t playing well defensively," Harris said. "He got his point throughout and guys came out and also we played a really great second fifty percent of defensive football."


The bears finished that season 13-3 before an eventual Super key loss to the Colts. Together for Harris, he play under Rivera because that two seasons in Chicago and now it s okay the chance to work for that in Washington. 

Green passed far in 2016 ~ a long and also successful coaching career. He to be 67. 

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