In this episode of "The Rubin Report," Dave Rubin speak to actor, comedian, and talk present host Dennis Miller about the current state of comedy in today"s politically correct culture.

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Dennis revealed what previous Fox News organize Bill O"Reilly to be really prefer behind the scenes and what the was prefer to do the "Miller Time" segments on "The O"Reilly Factor." He debated why he thinks the dynamic between them worked and the an extremely intentional factor he called him "Billy."

Dennis also offered his think on cancel culture and the damages that a are afraid of telling jokes is doing to comedy. He likewise describes why he self censors since he doesn"t think it"s worth the hassle.

Watch the video clip below to catch much more of the conversation:

What invoice O"Reilly Is Really favor & taking On critics (Pt.2) | Dennis fearbut | COMEDY | Rubin Report

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