Dennis Miller and also Bill O'Reilly talked around the 2016 presidential race at the Mohegan sunlight Casino on Saturday.

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UNCASVILLE, Conn. – over there is plenty come laugh and also cry around in this year's 2016 presidential election.

But ~ above Saturday afternoon at Mohegan sun Arena in Connecticut, it was largely laughter once Fox News political commentator bill O'Reilly and also comedian Dennis Miller brought their new tour, "Who desires To be President? The 2016 Tour," come the casino's key arena.

Mohegan sunlight announced the show's addition to their entertainment lineup earlier in December, easily selling the end the event and also resulting in the scheduling in march of a 2nd earlier present in the afternoon.

O'Reilly and Miller room no strangers come one another. Miller shows up regularly on Fox News Channel's top-rated The O'Reilly Factor, and also the two formerly toured together with a present called "Don't it is in A Pinhead."

The conservative comedian - who climbed to fame with his gig as Weekend upgrade commentator ~ above NBC's "Saturday Night Live" and later walk on to earn 2 Emmys because that his own show, "Dennis fearbut Live" - started the display with a 30-minute set that covered everything from society media to worldwide warming and also from continuing to be in a "green" hotel to even taking top top the Pope in a sort way.

In a strange relocate for a seasoned stand-up comic, Miller ceded his topical humor for the "presidential" tour while stand behind a podium and also shuffling notes. Number of jokes right into his set, he also referenced the podium, noting he necessary it since during a bumpy flight into Connecticut he erroneously took the erectile dysfunction drug Cialis, rather of a Xanax to calm his nerves.

What was likewise interesting, offered his ongoing relationship through O'Reilly and also Fox News, Miller determined to speak he to be listening to a CNN report prior to the show about the country group Dixie chicken being earlier on the roadway stating, "Why go ago to such a hateful time."

The comedian - who finished his syndicated radio display last year - additionally talked about the nation "going soft," to express a lacking educational system, noting that in the war on terror things are so crazy the the country "sends out a save-the-date notice before an invasion," and saying that world today are even "too lazy to get restless leg syndrome."

Noting that he was raised Catholic, Miller provided Pope Francis to open up his diatribe on an international warming, noting there to be plenty much more to worry about and asking the audience if they would certainly trust to compare temperature readings on early-day thermometers together opposed come those of present technology.

Surprisingly, because that a tourism billed as "Who desires To it is in President," the comedian spoke much less than five minutes about the presidential race, ending his part of the show by taking jabs in ~ Hilary Clinton's pants suits and her husband's infidelity.

He was followed automatically by O'Reilly, whose virtually 40-minute monologue - minus the usage of a podium and also notes - was committed entirely to the presidential election, with the key focus clearly on Donald Trump. However, before getting right into politics, müller asked every one of the dads in the audience to stand up and wished them all a "Happy Father's Day."

The political pundit - author and also longtime journalist and also talk present host with number of Emmy Awards - began his afternoon commentary reminiscing on exactly how it was simply a year ago that Trump referred to as him come tell him that he was going to run for president. The very first to interview Trump ~ his announcement, O'Reilly recounted on exactly how the candidate told him he was going come "build a wall," "make Putin his brand-new friend," and also "how he was going to wipe out ISIS."

"When i asked him just how we to be going to perform all that, his answer to be the same earlier then as it is today, 'I'm no going to tell you.'"

He climate launched right into talking about the Republican debates and also Trump's insults, making recommendation to Jeb bush telling Trump the wasn't going to gain away through insulting people, to which O'Reilly paraphrased the Donald's answer to Bush, "Yes, ns am doofus."

"It was completely out of manage from day one to now. Girlfriend never know what the is gong to say due to the fact that he doesn't know," O'Reilly said.

"Trump hates and likes me, informing me on air the I necessary a psychiatrist due to the fact that I am too negative," that added.

But, the wasn't all about Trump. O'Reilly also talked about the autonomous candidates phone call Bernie Sanders "the Bernmeister" and mimicking that by wade slowly across the stage in a slouched position. He dubbed Hilary Clinton the candidate "Who feeling entitled."

O'Reilly was at his best when supplying the audience insights into the convention and the first debate in between the 2 presidential candidates - assuming they are both Clinton and also Trump.

He likewise talked about Trump's plans to liven increase the convention by giving a decided every night and announcing his vice-presidential running mate there. "It could be Geraldo," O'Reilly laughed.

The well-known political commentator likewise told the audience that the polls mean nothing ideal now, and that the true test will be the an initial debate between Clinton and also Trump - with the country's highest office going come the winner the the very first debate.

When that wasn't talk politics, O'Reilly, who spent a quick time in ~ WFSB-TV in Hartford as an anchor, found the time to take it on the Hartford Courant with jabs about their reporting.

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