Dennis Rodman and actress Carmen Electra are shown showing up at the opened of the world Hollywood restaurant in Montreal in this July 27, 1998 file photo. Ryan Remiorz/AP
Originally published Nov. 24, 1998

On 2nd thought, a sober Dennis Rodman has changed his mind about being married to actress Carmen Electra.

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Citing an unsound mind and fraud, the controversial Bulls front filed a petition that annulment Monday in Orange ar (Calif.) exceptional Court come void his Nov. 14 marriage.

Gerald Phillips, Rodman’s attorney, stated the petition “indicates that (Rodman) is, just how long he had been married — i beg your pardon in this situation was one day — and also he seeks a nullity that the marital relationship as a result of the fact that he alleges that on or about the time of the wedding the was no of sound mind. That is to say, he was drunk.”

The petition states that Rodman’s separation native Electra started the job of the wedding.

“It is my knowledge that before the ceremony, Dennis had actually been partying extensively and also he simply doesn’t feel together though the had all of his faculties about him once all the other things arisen afterward,” Phillips said.

Electra’s attorneys have 30 days to respond come the petition. They might agree the the matter should be solved as Rodman is requesting, or they may choose to dispute it in court unless there is a jae won settlement.

Rodman, 37, couldn’t be got to for comment. His agent, Dwight Manley, declined to comment.

It was only 10 days back that Rodman and also Electra, likewise known together Tara Patrick, to be married in A tiny Chapel of Flowers, among some 40 little chapels specializing in quick, not blocked weddings along the las Vegas strip.

When very first informed of the ceremony, Manley doubted the validity of the union due to the fact that of the scenarios under which it took place.

“I don’t think you can legally go into into (a marital) commitment if she drunk,” Manley said. “It’s my knowledge that legal agreements space invalid if one or more of the parties space not in ~ their very own control. And also I to be told the Dennis to be so drunk during the ceremony that he might hardly stand or talk.”

The Electra camp comment by releasing come the media a note allegedly composed by Rodman that read, “I love Carmen and also am proud to be married to her.”

But Manley saw a credibility space in that defense.

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“It wasn’t also Dennis’ handwriting,” Manley said. “Give me a break.”

It would have actually been the second marriage because that Rodman, whose very first one to model Annie Bakes 11 years back ended in a bitter divorce after just six months. Manley charged the Rodman, who has earned part $30 million the last 2 years, to be being exploited by Electra and companions Manley dubbed “leeches.”

Phillips claimed he isn’t certain whether the minister that performed the ceremony has signed and filed the marriage certificate through Nevada’s Clark County marital relationship bureau. Cheryl Vernon, supervisor of the bureau, said it is no the policy of she office to concern licenses to world who are drunk.

“I nothing know how that record would affect the legality the the marital relationship anyway,” Phillips said. “I just know that Dennis doesn’t feeling he had his wits about him once this thing occurred.”