Dennis Rodman actors shade on previous President Barack Obama about missing an opportunity to forge diplomacy v North korean dictator Kim Jong Un — an possibility that Donald trumped seized ~ above in his historical meeting early Tuesday in Singapore.

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“I simply want them to talk,” the former NBA star told abc News’ Michael Strahan in an interview that aired Tuesday top top “Good Morning America.” “I said that with Obama, and also Obama just pretty much just blew me off, and also thought that i was a laughingstock, that i didn’t understand what ns was doing.”

Rodman also defended Kim, who he has actually visited in north Korea numerous times in the last decade over their shared love of basketball.

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“I don’t look at him as a dictator,” claimed Rodman, put on a make America good Again baseball cap and also a t-shirt. “I look at him as an ext like a person that do the efforts to mix in through the world. I tried to convey that to people, and people looked at me choose I was the end of my mind.”

Rodman praised Trump because that going ahead v the summit meeting and also shaking hands through Kim. “It virtually didn’t happen,” he said. “I’m glad that it did.”

And he might not resist taking credit for his own duty as among the few Americans to have actually made any contact v the formerly isolated Kim. “I guess it provided me a little more shine that a irradiate as much as discovering the fact that i did something pretty, pretty historic as much as, like, happen awareness to phibìc Korea and some that the concerns that’s over there.”

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Kim and Trump came with each other for the historic summit ~ above Tuesday morning, Singapore time, on an island resort.

The two leaders shook hand warmly in former of a row of alternative U.S. And North korean flags, follow to the linked Press, prior to having a 40-minute one-on-one meeting through the help of interpreters. Both men then signed a document in i beg your pardon Kim apparently agreed to move toward “complete denuclearization the the oriental Peninsula.”

Watch the interview above.

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