Michael Jordan, in 1999, watched he previous teammates, Dennis Rodman and Scottie Pippen, fight it out it out together the former even attempted a 3-pointer.

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The Chicago Bulls trio that Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and also Dennis Rodman has actually been talked around at good length in terms of both greatness and also strangeness. Rodman is a type of athlete that, on paper, would certainly not mesh well through a dictator-type player prefer ‘His Airness’ and yet, the Bulls 3-peated through Rodman anchoring the defense inside. 

After your 1998 NBA Finals victory, the Bulls fully fell apart together Michael Jordan entered his 2nd retirement, Scottie Pippen replaced a retired Clyde Drexler top top the Houston Rockets, and Dennis Rodman discovered himself on the Los Angeles Lakers.

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A particular game in late February the 1999 observed all 3 of this Bulls legends reunite, no on the very same team, however in the exact same arena. 

Michael Jordan to be amused at Dennis Rodman shooting a 3-pointer.

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The Los Angeles Lakers held the Houston Rockets in Staples center on February 28th, 1999 and it experienced Michael Jordan sit in the front row, the town hall his two previous Bulls teammates square off with one another. As mentioned earlier, Dennis Rodman was play alongside Kobe and Shaq when Pippen was on the Rockets v Hakeem and also Chuck. 

One specific play witnessed Dennis Rodman take a miss off the glass and also run the floor because that the Lakers. He passed it off to Kobe Bryant and the ball discovered its way back come ‘the Worm’ in the left corner. Rodman allow a 3 fly, really uncharacteristic decision made by him, and also missed.

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When the camera panned come Michael Jordan that was sitting on the bench, a clearly shows smile can be viewed from the 6x champ. This provides sense considering the reality that Rodman was never well-known for his offense, specifically his 3-point shooting. That shot just 23% from beyond the arc top top his career, v several periods going by without a solitary make kind the outside. 

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