Walter Palmer, the American that sparked worldwide outrage once he hunted and killed among Africa’s most beloved lions, changed to occupational Tuesday, wade silently right into his Bloomington, Minn., dental practice as protesters shouted “Murderer!” and also called ~ above Palmer to leave town.

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The 55-year-old dentist had actually all however gone underground end the summer to let the global backlash dice down, following a controversial hunt that left the 13-year-old black-maned beauty beauty Cecil the lion dead in Zimbabwe’s savanna.

Palmer broke his quiet Sunday, telling the associated Press and Minneapolis Star Tribune in a share interview: “I’m a wellness professional. I have to get ago to treating my patients. My staff and also my patients support me, and they desire me back. It is why i’m back.”

The Star Tribune reported Tuesday morning the Palmer came down on his office at around 7 a.m. Neighborhood time, with “a usually police visibility nearby.” returning to job-related for the very first time in 6 weeks, the newspaper said, Palmer to be greeted by “a couple of protesters and many members that the news media.”

“Hopefully, this will certainly die out and also we can move on,” Bloomington Deputy Police chef Mike Hartley stated of the protests top top Tuesday, according to the Star Tribune.

“Who room they to tell me that to see and who not to see?” patient cutting board Dressel said Reuters, talking about the protesters.

“I have no problem with him taking a lion or giraffe, it is his very own business,” he said. “I do have a difficulty with social media and how civilization have tried to slander this individual.”

Palmer, indigenous Eden Prairie, has avoided the general public eye since he released a declare July 28 around Cecil’s controversial death.

But he spoke out Sunday to settle misconceptions about the hunt and also to refer his aggravation that his household has come to be a target online.

“It’s been especially hard on mine wife and daughter,” Palmer said the news organizations. “They’ve to be threatened. In the media, together well, and the society media. … ns don’t recognize that level that humanity, come come after world not associated at all.

In July, Palmer was named by brothers news media as Cecil’s killer. Authorities stated he and also his hunting party lured the famous lion indigenous the Hwange nationwide Park and that Palmer fight the prized pet with a link bow. Palmer finished the project the complying with day v a gun, authorities said.

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In the interview Sunday night, that admitted to shooting Cecil yet disputed beforehand details about the hunt. Because that instance, the Zimbabwe preservation Task pressure reported Palmer and also his team had hunted the hurt lion because that 40 hours before Palmer shot and also killed him v a gun.