The Broncos 43-8 loss come the Seahawks in Super bowl XLVIII was a 35-point blowout, but it wasn" also the worst Super key loss in franchise history.

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When it comes to Super Bowls and also getting swollen out, no one goes under in flames quite favor the Denver Broncos. Denver" loss to Seattle on Sunday was team" 5th Super bowl loss, one NFL record. 

The Broncos had been tied through the Patriots (3-4), Vikings (0-4) and Bills (0-4) for many Super bowl losses. 

Having the most Super bowl losses is poor enough, yet it gets worse: many thanks to the 43-8 last score, the Broncos have now been on the losing end of 3 of the five biggest blowouts in Super key history. 

Here room the 5 biggest blowouts in Super key history:

1. Super bowl XXIV: san Francisco 55-10 over Denver

2. Super bowl XX: Chicago 46-10 over brand-new England

T-3. Super key XLIV: Seattle 43-8 end Denver 

T-3. Super key XXVII: Dallas 52-17 over Buffalo

5. Super key XXII: Washington 42-10 end Denver

Here" a short look in ~ the Broncos" four Super bowl losses. You have the right to read the game story indigenous the Broncos 5th Super key loss by clicking here.

Super bowl XII: Dallas 27, Denver 10 -- This is the only Super Bowl in NFL background that had actually a break-up MVP and also one of just seven time in 48 years the a protective player won the MVP award. Cowboys defensive tackle Randy White shared the award through teammate Harvey Martin. Seahawks linebacker Malcolm Smith became the eighth protective player to win the Super bowl MVP once he winner the award Sunday. 

Super bowl XXI: NY Giants 39, Denver 20 -- The Broncos were beat down by Phil Simms. Simms completed a Super Bowl record 88 percent the his passes (22 the 25) for 268 yards and three touchdowns as brand-new York winner its first Super Bowl title in franchise history. Simms also became the first Super Bowl MVP come utter the most renowned postgame words that have ever been uttered, "" going to Disney World."

Super key XXII: Washington 42, Denver 10 -- of the Broncos" very first four Super Bowl losses, this one could have been the many painful. For one quarter against Washington, the Broncos looked choose they to be going to conquer the game. Denver jumped the end to a 10-0 command in the very first quarter, yet then the wheels dropped off the wagon and also the wagon recorded on fire. Redskins quarterback Doug Williams threw 4 touchdown overcome in the second quarter and also Washington scored 35 complete points together the Redskins turned the video game into a rout.

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Williams threw because that 340 yards and also four touchdowns and also took house the Super Bowl MVP award.

Super key XXIV: San Francisco 55, Denver 10 -- The 49ers" 55-10 success is quiet the largest margin of success in Super Bowl history and also San Francisco" 55 points space the most ever scored in a Super Bowl. This game was never close as the 49ers jumped out to a 41-3 lead.