Newly unsealed police documents reveal supposed motive and also other details in the might 7 institution shooting that eliminated 18-year-old Kendrick Castillo.

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Officers was standing watch at the STEM school Highlands Ranch on may 7, 2019 in Highlands Ranch, Colorado.Tom Cooper / Getty Images
One of 2 high institution students accused of opening fire in ~ STEM school Highlands Ranch close to Denver in May, killing an 18-year-old, accused told police he targeted students who made funny of his gender identity and had to be planning the shooting for a few weeks.

Court records released Thursday shed brand-new details ~ above the might 7 shooting that eliminated Kendrick Castillo, 18, who has actually been referred to as a hero because that acting v others to stop one of the shooters at the STEM school, i beg your pardon is in a community south that Denver.

Alec McKinney, 16, was arrested after ~ a shooting at the STEM college Highlands Ranch in Colorado. McKinney has been charged as an adult.Obtained by NBC News

Devon Erickson, 18, and Alec McKinney, 16, who according to the records told police he was transitioning and whose attorney states prefers male pronouns, have been fee with an ext than 40 counts including murder and attempted murder. Prosecutors have actually said both are being tried as adults.

Probable cause documents exit Thursday are redacted and also include just Erickson"s name, however officials have said Erickson and also McKinney are the only human being charged in the shooting.

The files portray the 2nd suspect, not Erickson, together the person who plan the attack.

The documents say that suspect in interviews through police "said he wanted the youngsters at the school to experience bad things, have to suffer from trauma favor he has had actually to in his life,” and also that “he want everyone in that school to suffer and also realize that the civilization is a negative place.”

That doubt allegedly stated he obtained Erickson associated in the plan. He additionally told police that students were targeted and also that they made fun of him, "called him names and said he was disgusting for trying to it is in a guy" and also referring to him together "a she," according to the probable cause documents.

McKinney has actually been charged as an adult, and his attorneys have said they arrangement to ask a referee to relocate the situation to juvenile court, the associated Press reported. Neither doubt has gotten in a plea yet, and their attorneys protest the unsealing of records linked with the criminal cases.

Devon Michael Erickson shows up at the Douglas ar Courthouse for his advisement listening on might 8, 2019 in castle Rock, Colorado.Joe Amon / pool via Getty Images

A referee sealed both court documents after Erickson and McKinney made their initial court appearances, preventing police or prosecutors from discussing nearly anything about the case.

Both suspects allegedly told police they speak on Snapchat the night before the shooting. Erickson said police the other suspect said he to be suicidal and wanted revenge, according to the documents.

Both suspects allegedly said police that they saw Erickson"s home during lunch and broke right into a parent’s total safe v an ax and a crowbar and also got three handguns and also a rifle as well as ammunition and magazines native the safe.

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They both took cocaine, return Erickson said he was threatened right into doing so, follow to the documents. They allegedly placed the weapons in a guitar case and also a backpack and went earlier to school.

The accounts of the two suspects in the probable reason documents differ, including who had actually which guns and also where they to be kept.


Erickson told police the pulled out the Glock handgun out of a guitar case and also told everyone to obtain down, the the gun went off as soon as he was rushed by 2 students in the classroom, and also that the surrendered the gun and also heard more shooting and yelling, follow to the documents. He additionally claimed that he pulled out the pistol after seeing the other suspect walk for his gun, and that after being taken down he tried come warn people.

The other suspect told police that Erickson "pulled the magnetic strip and also shut the door to stop it indigenous being opened from the outside," that they both pulled out their guns and also said "nobody move," and he trust Erickson shot first.

The various other suspect claimed he then started shooting his own two handguns and was also tackled by students and a teacher, however got away and grabbed a third handgun indigenous his backpack and also fled v the intentionally of killing himself yet couldn’t occupational the gun"s safety, follow to the documents.

That suspect was confronted by an armed security guard and was ordered come the ground and also taken into custody.

Erickson to be being held down by one more student who had been shooting in the leg and also was arrested, according to the documents. Police uncovered a rifle, identified as a Ruger 22, in the guitar case, the files say.

The police papers released Thursday likewise allege that a protection guard at the school, who has actually not been identified, fired a shot that wounded a female college student in one more room. The protection guard "stated he experienced a muzzle come approximately the corner," according to the documents.

Robert Burk, attorney for the unnamed guard, claimed he had actually no comment.

The exclusive security guard is under investigation, NBC affiliate KUSA of Denver reported, and the owner of the agency he functioned for told the terminal that he had not heard the the allegations in the court documents.

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Aside native Castillo, the student that was killed, eight others were wounded in the shooting, authorities have said. Every survived.

Police said in the affidavit the while Erickson repeatedly claimed he was going to stop McKinney the "couldn"t articulate exactly how or why he never ever told an adult."