It is no mystery that two-time Academy Award-winner Denzel Washington is just one of the best actors of our time. It is in it his duty as Malcom X in 1992, together Alonzo Harris in 2001"s Training Day, or as troy Maxson in 2016"s Fences, Washington has actually repeatedly prove his talents for over 30 years. Plus, as well as his acting chops, Washington"s looks make it five so simple to clock the actor again and also again in any film that decides to take it on. Also People called Washington the "Sexiest guy Alive" in 1996. Regrettably for the fans, Washington is married and also has been for over 35 years, so the just women lucky sufficient to cozy up beside Washington space his on-screen counterparts... Other than for Julia Roberts, that course.

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The Pretty Woman actress referred to as Washington her "beloved friend" and also thanked him for his advice to "just act" throughout an interview with ABC News in 2015. She gushed that he is "the ideal actor that this generation hand down" and was even responsible for bringing ~ above Washington to your 1993 film The Pelican Brief. Similar to Washington, Roberts to be voted People"s "Most Beautiful mrs in the World" a whopping five times. But, if they space such great friends, why was Washington therefore adamant about not kissing Roberts on-screen? transforms out the had much more to carry out with the fans 보다 Roberts herself.

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Oscar-winning actress Julia Roberts admitted that she personally requested Denzel Washington play she love interest in the 1993 film The Pelican Brief. "I had suggested him native the beginning, and he did exceptional things with a character that didn"t look at like lot on paper," the Erin Brockovich star said (per Newsweek). "What much more could you want?" However, pan of the movie often wonder exactly how the film have the right to follow the two without an on-screen kiss — miscellaneous Roberts gets hammered for often.

"I have actually taken so much s**t end the years about not kissing Denzel in the film," Roberts said Newsweek in 2002. "Don"t I have actually a pulse? Of course I want to kiss Denzel. It to be his idea to take it the cursed scenes out."

Washington supposedly wanted the scenes gotten rid of after receiving poor reactions native Black women while test screening 1989"s The Mighty Quinn. The movie featured Washington kissing actress Mimi Rogers. "Black women space not frequently seen as objects the desire on film," Washington told Newsweek. "They have always been my core audience." The actor determined to continue to be true to his audience and also not rage the black female moviegoers who supported his career with an interracial kiss.

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Actor Denzel Washington"s fist of interracial on-screen kisses is supposedly nothing new.

In the 1995 sci-fi movie Virtuosity, Washington theatre Lt. Parker Barnes the opposite actress Kelly Lynch, a white woman, who plays Madison Carter. In ~ the time, the actress told A.V. Club the Washington"s reasonings for his no interracial kissing rule was less around his black female audience, and more about white men.

"He said, "You understand what, Kelly? I hate to say it, but, girlfriend know, white men bring women to movies, and they don"t want to watch a Black guy with your woman,"" claimed Lynch, follow to the Washington Post.

Fast forward to 2004, rumors surfaced the Washington was behind the cut of a love scene in between him and Australian actress Radha Mitchell in the film Man ~ above Fire. According to TODAY, Washington again to be concerned about the audience reaction to an interracial romance.

However, turning a brand-new leaf, Washington"s spokesman dismissed the rumors, saying he did not ask because that cuts and that decade-old speculation that the actor was responsible for the turned off scenes with Julia Roberts in The Pelican Brief was also false, contradicting what Roberts has actually said herself.

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Although rumors around actor Denzel Washington"s longtime refusal because that on-screen interracial romance space still somewhat, simply rumors, Washington"s reluctance to confront the gossip leaves countless questions as to what really happened on i beg your pardon set.

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After the Man ~ above Fire dispute sparked in 2004, a studio rep because that the film confirmed that there to be scenes cut yet added, "I don"t think over there was any type of agenda. And if there was, I most likely wouldn"t phone call you."

Eight year later, Washington would certainly share an on-screen kiss v a white actress in 2012"s Flight. The actor shocked movie critics who were mindful of Washington"s uncertainty with interracial romance in cinema, as he kissed actress Kelly Reilly to seemingly little audience reaction.

In July 2020, Washington and actress Julia Roberts announced they would certainly rekindle their work relationship and also join pressures on-screen again for a Netflix adaptation of the novel Leave the world Behind, according to Variety. The film apparently covers the "complexities that parenthood, race, and class."