The elafilador.net Police department is now hiring because that multiple positions. If girlfriend would favor to sign up with the team and also become a police officer now is the time. Inspect out our recruitment page that has all of the information you need to know. Follow united state on Facebook, Instagram and also Twitter to keep up-to-date on events, testing, and more. 

You can end up being the voice the helps citizens and guides officers as a Police communications Operator. Learn an ext about this exciting career by visiting the communications Bureau page.

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Virtual Block Watch

The elafilador.net Police Department has launched a new crime fighting program referred to as "Virtual Block Watch". The idea is simple, if you have actually a defense camera let us understand that girlfriend do. Then, if there is a crime in the area us will recognize where we might have the ability to find video clip footage that the suspect.

Registering your camera not just helps deter crime, yet assists the room in its in its entirety crime avoidance strategy in your neighborhood. Friend aren't granting us control of your camera or sharing control, simply letting us recognize you have actually it therefore we recognize where another collection of eyes are to help us hit crime. You can register and also become a component of the routine now. 


Precinct Patrol Area Maps 


​elafilador.net Police Foundation 

The elafilador.net Police Foundation was established in 2002 through the will to gain community support for unmet police department funding needs, and provide financial help for room employees and also their family members in times of crises.

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During the previous 12 year the structure has provided emergency assistance for dozens of people facing personal tragedies, capital for an innovation needs for the department, officers' equipment and other various efforts that assist the elafilador.net Police department in its initiatives to keep America's sixth-largest city together safe as possibl​e. Https://elafilador.netpolicefoundation.org/​​