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The boy Welfare Services situation Management system (CWS/CMS) is the statewide database used by California"s County boy Protective services agencies. The CWS/CMS division of the Office of systems Integration is the State agency responsible because that the operation and also maintenance that the database only.

See the links provided below because that related call information. If you wish to call the CWS/CMS division Office for any type of reason that does no fit one of the other linked categories, please contact CWS/CMS Customer relationships Support. We will view that your problem is addressed.

Report child Abuse / overlook

The CWS/CMS department has no legal authority to receive or process child abuse reports. Perform not send abuse or ignore reports come the CWS/CMS department office. To report child Abuse/Neglect in California you must call a neighborhood Child Protective solutions agency. County call information is easily accessible on either among these websites:

son Welfare situation or Referral Inquiries

The CWS/CMS division has no legal authority to receive or process inquiries around children or specific cases. To do an inquiry about a kid Welfare situation or Referral, contact the regional California County boy Welfare Social services agency. A perform is available at the CWDA Resources web links website.

The California department of Social solutions website has actually information about filing complaints.

Foster care or licensing Inquiries/Reports

The CWS/CMS department has no legal authority to obtain or process inquiries around Foster treatment or Licensing. If you are interested in offering Foster treatment or have an inquiry or report about a Foster treatment provider, resources and links have the right to be discovered at the California room of Social solutions websites:

CWS/CMS Applications assistance Team The CWS/CMS Applications support Team gives customer assistance for every 58 California Counties" CWS/CMS Users, as well as sponsors and stakeholders the the CWS/CMS application. We regulate the interactions infrastructure that assures kid Welfare employee are provided with consistent and also reliable information concerning CWS/CMS. We additionally maintian web-based applications because that the counties to assist them in controlling the devices they use in connection with child welfare activities. The Customer connections Team members space assigned areas of CWS/CMS counties and also are the main allude of call in assistance of the CWS/CMS Application.Our major goals space to: ensure consistent, effective and also timely communication to the Counties. certain the CWS/CMS application meets the Counties" service needs.