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Thank you for your attention in the DoD armed forces Working Dog fostering Program. Dogs accessible for fostering are people that do not meet the DoD criteria for government work. Generally, the younger dogs obtainable for fostering to the public room those dogs that did not pass the rigorous training and certification procedure to come to be a military Working Dog (MWD). Over there is likewise a choice of larger dogs available that have actually served in the ar or were utilized in the training of new military dog handlers. Some of the accessible dogs may have actually hip, back, or other medical worries that prevent them indigenous working. Additionally, dogs v medical problems may need prescription medications for the remainder of their lives. The most usual breeds we have actually for fostering include; German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois and also the sometimes Labrador Retriever or German Shorthaired Pointer.

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Applications space processed as they are obtained to determine suitability for adoption. Every initiative is made to pair applicants who accomplish all demands with dogs that suit their home, family and lifestyle.

The DoD has the right to refuse any fostering at any type of point. Dogs cannot be returned once adopted.

Prospective adopters MUST have actually a fence at the very least six feet high surrounding, in ~ a minimum, the backyard. All persons living in the residence MUST be at the very least 5 years of age or older. Adopters should NOT currently own much more than three dogs. The potential adopter MUST determine a major veterinarian and agree to carry out the dog with appropriate medical care, exercise, training and also companionship. Adopters must be a United claims citizen. A leash, collar, muzzle and appropriate-sized dog crate in ~ time of pick up for the dog.

**The dogs room highly energetic and in many cases, will need a most attention, added training and far-reaching exercise.; we will email friend an applications packet.

Meeting the dogs: authorized applicants will be offered an chance to schedule an appointment to travel to the kennel basic in san Antonio, Texas, to satisfy the available dog(s). Please understand we cannot hold a dog for prolonged period.

Selecting the best dog: that is essential that we match each dog v the finest suited family. To execute this, you may need to do multiple visits to our facility prior to a final enhance is made.

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Finalizing the adoption: handling the adoption may take number of days or weeks depending upon the dog’s place in the disposition process. Approved applicants will have a time reserved for lock to take trip to joint Base san Antonio-Lackland in mountain Antonio, Texas wherein the dogs space located. The dog can not be shipped to you and also you might need to do multiple visits. There space no same-day adoptions. Travel is at the adopter’s expense. Once a pick-up day is set, you must bring a leash, collar, muzzle and also appropriate-sized dog crate come the training center. To finish the adoption, you will be forced to sign and notarize a “Covenant no to Sue with Indemnity” agreement and complete a microchip registration before pick-up. You will be noted a copy of the dog’s clinical records because that the past six months, one month’s it is provided of flea and heartworm preventive, three-days-worth of dog food and also copies of the adoption forms.