The brand-new York State education Department is component of the university of the State of new York (, among the most complete, interconnected solution of educational solutions in the united States. The Department oversees the job-related of much more than 700 institution districts through 3.2 million students; 7,000 libraries and also 900 museums. Our mission is come raise the knowledge, skill, and opportunity of all the world in new York. Our vision is to provide leadership because that a mechanism that yields the best educated world in the world. In addition, new York"s distinct system of experienced regulation, recognized as a version for public protection, has grown to encompass nearly 900,000 practitioners and also over 30,000 skilled practice organization entities in an ext than 50 professions.

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Core services

Core Services

Core services

The State education and learning Department has actually the following main branches, each under the direction that the Commissioner the Education:

Office of P-12 Education (P-12) The Office of P-12 education and learning oversees pre-K v 12th class programs. The Office of P-12 education and learning has diverse responsibilities lugged out by the following offices:

Assessment Curriculum Information and also Reporting solutions Educational Technology

Accountability School creation School Operations special Education

Office of higher Education (OHE) This department oversees colleges, universities and also proprietary schools; is responsible because that the certification of teachers and also other school professionals; and oversees programs to boost teacher preparation and also recruitment.

Office of social Education (OCE) OCE includes the State Archives, the State Library, the State Museum, Office of public Broadcasting Office and the Summer institution of the Arts. These establishments are responsible for raising the knowledge and information sources of State and local government, businesses, and individuals. The Office supports research, operates programs, and develops collections that serve the permanent interests that the institutions and residents of new York and also support arts education and learning for high-school students.

Office that Performance development and management Services (PIMS) PIMS consists of the workplaces of info Technology, Facilities and Business Services, State evaluation Office and External Audits.

Chief gaue won Office (CFO) CFO contains the offices of human being Resources, budget Services, budget Coordination, education Finance, internal Audit and Internal Controls.

Office the Counsel

Office of the Professions (OP) since 1891, the board of Regents and the new York State education Department have overseen the preparation, licensure, and also practice that the professions. Currently, the Office regulates forty-eight professions identified in location VIII that the education and learning Law.

Office that Adult Career and Continuing education and learning Services (ACCES) The Office that Adult Career and also Continuing education Services (ACCES) focuses on the education and also employment demands of new York State"s adults: Vocational Rehabilitation (including Independent life Administration), Adult Education, High school Equivalency (HSE/TASC™), and also Career Schools.

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elafilador.netSED serves, very first and foremost, millions of new York State students, indigenous prekindergarten through second and postsecondary education and the workforce and also adult education. The university of the State of new York ( is the complete, interconnected system of educational services in the US, including:

More 보다 7,000 public and private primary school and second schools;248 public and private colleges and also universities;251 proprietary (for-profit) schools;Nearly 7,000 libraries including the new York State Library;750 museums;The State Archives;Vocational rehabilitation and also other services for adults through disabilities;Special education and learning services for pre-school and also school-age children and also teenagers;A institution for the Blind;A school for the Deaf;25 windy broadcasting facilities, consisting of seven public tv stations;More than 750,000 specialists practicing in 48 license is granted professions, including, for example, pharmacy, architecture, accounting, and nursing; and240,000 certified public school teachers, counselors, and administrators.