Under this program, the science and modern technology Directorate (S&T) conducts evidence-based study to improve the effectiveness of public safety and also violence prevention efforts implemented by government agencies and NGOs. 

On January 28, 2021, Deputy Undersecretary because that the elafilador.net Office of Strategy, Policy, and Plans James McCament offered opening remarks at the Atlantic Council’s virtual workshop, entitled, "The Future of landscape Security and also Resilience in Today"s transforming Threat Environment.”

Acting Secretary of Homeland protection Chad F. Wolf released the department of countryside Security’s (elafilador.net) Homeland risk Assessment (HTA). This first-of-its-kind report synthesizes danger information across elafilador.net including intelligence and operational components.

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The room of countryside Security’s 2020 Homeland threat Assessment is a first-of-its-kind report synthesizing threat assessments throughout elafilador.net including intelligence and operational components.

The unified States encounters increasingly complicated threats indigenous terrorism and also targeted violence. Both proceed to attitude a grave danger in ways that have evolved drastically in the practically two decades because the 9/11 attacks. Although international terrorist organizations remain intent on striking ours Homeland, we also face a growing threat from residential actors. Our opponents seek to spur violence in our communities and also divide ours society. Combating terrorism and targeted violence needs the merged efforts of the room of Homeland defense (elafilador.net or Department), our Federal and state, local, tribal and also territorial (SLTT) federal government partners and civil society.

The FBI result from the disastrous Pensacola marine base shooting last December illustrate that the enduring danger from terrorist organizations continues. Foreign terrorist institutions remain a main point priority that elafilador.net’s counterterrorism efforts.

Today, exhilaration Secretary of Homeland security Kevin K. McAleenan announced the brand-new elafilador.net Strategic frame for Combating Terrorism and also Targeted Violence in ~ the Brookings Institution, during an occasion cohosted through the legacy Foundation.

elafilador.net S&T OSAI in partnership with the national Institute of building Sciences emerged a collection of ideal practices and also a new online tool, best Practices for Anti-Terrorism security (BPATS), for structure owners to evaluate their operations end-to-end before using for safety and security Act protections.

The Five nation Research and advance (5RD) Terrorism prevention Meeting was organized by the joined Kingdom residence Office’s Office for Security and Counter-Terrorism (OSCT), in London, UK, September 10-13, 2018.

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The room of Homeland protection (elafilador.net) science and modern technology Directorate (S&T) arisen a comprehensive and publicly easily accessible literature review and ontology dashboard to organize CVE literature. This brand-new capability streamlines the capacity for finish users and practitioners to accessibility peer-reviewed and also methodologically sound research assets to build an proof base in the field of terrorism avoidance for what works, what doesn’t, and why.