Passing the Illinois created exam has actually never been easier. It"s like having actually the answers prior to you take the test.

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COVID-19 effects onLicensing & VehicleServices

In solution to the COVID-19 pandemic, state elafilador.nets nationwide have actually closed office locations, extended license and registration expiration dates,and/or restricted the transactions they are processing.

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If possible, residents should use the SOS"online servicesto complete any kind of relevant transactions. Monitor the SOS" current updates for the latest information.

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ChicagoSpringfieldPeoriaRockfordAuroraBloomingtonJolietEast Saint LouisBellevillePalatine Your neighborhood Illinois Secretary that State (SOS) office offers in-person help with several driver and also vehicle-related tasks. To find her closest SOS office branch, either enter her zip code above OR choose her county below.

IL SOS Services

Illinois SOS office branches offer a selection of advantageous services, consisting of (but not limited to):

Driver"s license and allow application for: Licensing tests: Vehicle services:

Save Time & Skip the Lines

You have the right to avoid hrs of waiting in line in ~ your regional SOS office by taking benefit of time-saving services like:

IL Emissions inspection Sites

In Illinois, details cars are forced to pass an emissions inspection as part of the it is registered process. If you"re not sure whether or not your vehicle qualifies, take it a look at our web page on vehicle inspections in Illinois.

If it turns out you"ll have to have your automobile inspected, usage the state"s testing terminal locator to find the emissions inspection website closest come you.

Illinois SOS call Information

key customer service line:

(217) 785-3000 if you"re outside the Illinois. (800) 252-8980 if you"re in Illinois (toll free).

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main offices for driver services:

Springfield office: (217) 782-6212 Chicago office: (312) 814-2975 TTY: (888) 261-5238

key offices because that vehicle services:

Springfield office: (217) 785-3000 Chicago office: (312) 793-1010. TTY: (888) 261-7864

If you"d favor to e-mail the SOS main offices, pick the topic many relevant come your requirements on the Secretary of State"s main contact page. You"ll climate be taken to a separate portal whereby you can create your straight email message.

Finally, if you should send mail to the SOS main office, deal with your letter to: