The Department supplies all in-office driver patent (DL) and identification (ID) card services by appointment only. Please review the adhering to information prior to scheduling your appointment below.

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The Department urges all eligible customers to conduct your driver license solutions online. For more information, you re welcome visit our webpage on Driver license Services, Extensions, Waivers, and also Covid-19 Information.

To certain the safety of all customers, and also our driver license office personnel, you will certainly be required to comply with the following for her appointment:

Services room by reserved appointment only. Walk-in appointments will certainly be accessible on a limited basis at every driver license office locations.If you space having challenge scheduling an meeting on a wanted day, please know all DL workplaces do have actually a minimal number that same-day appointments easily accessible on a first-come, first-served basis, the fill up quickly. Client who publication these appointments in ~ the office have the right to then leave and return at your designated meeting time. People without an meeting will obtain instruction and also assistance in setting an appointment for a future date and time.All customers visiting the driver patent office are urged to wear a confront mask or facial coveringSocial distancing should be complied with (6 feet apart)Only customers will certainly be allowed into the building, with the adhering to exceptions:ADA accommodationsCustomers with little childrenElderly personsBusiness requirements (parental authorization, residency/address change, etc.)Credit cards space the wanted payment. Money orders, cashier"s and an individual checks will certainly be embraced (for the exactly amount)

If these demands are no met, you may be compelled to reschedule your appointment in ~ a later on date.

For added information, view the Frequently asked Questions detailed below.

Schedule a driver license appointment


1. How do ns schedule an meeting at a driver license office?

To schedule one appointment, please visit our website at

2. If ns don’t have an appointment, will I still be able to go right into a driver patent office and also be served?

If you come at a driver license office without an appointment, girlfriend will be able to use a self-service kiosk in the driver license office come schedule an meeting if one is easily accessible that day, or schedule an meeting for one more day or various location.

3. As soon as I go virtual to schedule an appointment, i don’t view my regional office; why is that?

If your regional office is no listed, over there are right now no easily accessible appointments. Please pick the following closest office to review eligible meeting dates.

If you room having challenge scheduling an appointment on a preferred day, please recognize all DL offices do have a limited number of same-day appointments obtainable on a first-come, first-served basis that to fill up quickly. Customers who book these appointments in ~ the office deserve to then leave and return at your designated appointment time.

4. What kind of appointment have the right to I schedule (i.e. Attain permit, id card, duplicate, adjust address, new DL, CDL, renewals...etc?)

All driver license and also identification card services are obtainable for you to schedule. In enhancement to this, the appointment scheduler will also advise girlfriend if you space eligible to complete the business online at without visiting a driver license office.

5. I am relocating to from another state/country. Perform I have to have an developed driver license or identification map to schedule an appointment?

No. The appointment scheduler will ask girlfriend a series of concerns to identify if you have previously created a driver patent or identification card in The scheduler will allow appointments for new and present customers.

6. Deserve to I schedule an appointment for an additional person?

Yes, listed you have every one of the forced information; however, this is not recommended.

7. What do I do if there room no appointments available at my neighborhood driver patent office?

If there space no appointments easily accessible at your neighborhood driver license office, girlfriend will need to schedule your appointment at an additional location or you deserve to check back at a later time to watch if there is a cancellation. Walk-in appointments will certainly be obtainable on a restricted basis at all driver license office locations.

8. What should I perform if i can’t schedule an appointment prior to my driver patent or identification card expires?

Please check to watch if you are eligible to renew your driver license or identification card virtual at If you space not standard for virtual renewal, you will have to schedule her appointment as shortly as possible at a driver patent office. permits customers come renew driver licenses and also identification cards increase to 2 years in breakthrough of the expiration date.

9. What if ns don’t see the business I should schedule mine appointment?

If the company you require is not detailed in the business types detailed to you, please choose “Service not Listed” to schedule your appointment.

Please keep in mind – actual ID and also law only patent a person to organize a driver patent or to know card, however not both ( transport Code section 521.183). Customers in possession of one of two people of these will certainly not be readily available the alternative to schedule an appointment for the other. Customers needing to do this form of appointment will need to use the “Service no Listed” option when scheduling the appointment, and also be prepared to surrender the currently DL or ID.

10. How much in breakthrough may i schedule one appointment?

Appointments may be reserved up to six months in advance.

11. Exactly how late can I be prior to my meeting is cancelled?

Appointments room cancelled after 30 minutes.

12. How early do I should arrive in ~ the driver patent for my appointment?

Please arrive no earlier than 30 minutes before your appointment.

13. How do I adjust my appointment?

Please visit the appointment scheduler to reschedule. Her existing appointment will certainly be immediately cancelled upon her confirmation that a brand-new appointment.

14. How deserve to I confirm my appointment?

Confirmation details is noted at the time the meeting is made and also can be obtained at any type of time by logging earlier in to the meeting scheduler.

15. Will I gain a reminder the the upcoming appointment?

You will have actually the option to obtain reminders by means of email or text message as soon as you make your appointment.

16. Can I get a reminder by email or text post on my phone?

When girlfriend make your appointment, friend will have actually the alternative to receive an e-mail or text post reminder.

17. Have the right to I still go online and also renew my DL/ID, adjust my address, stimulate a duplicate?

Yes. Friend can check your eligibility and also complete this transactions through visiting

18. If i cancel my appointment how long execute I need to wait prior to I have the right to reschedule the brand-new appointment?

You may reschedule automatically after cancelling an appointment.

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For more information, visit our commonly Asked concerns on Scheduling a roadway Test.