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aid IS obtainable FOR residential VIOLENCE victim interactions Director Bruce Gordon native Minnesota room of Public safety and security · 12 Oct

great morning, neighbors. Domestic violence affects civilization all across our state. Perhaps you also know someone who has actually been a victim. Please: Don’t remain silent. Support survivors and also speak out against domestic violence. Minnesota room of Public security Commissioner man Harrington explains in the video below why raising awareness and speaking increase can aid domestic violence victims. Assist is available. Speak to 866-223-1111 or text 612-399-9995. More: http://www.dayoneservices.org/.Take care and stay safe, Bruce
Day One is a network of domestic violence, sexual assault community program in Minnesota. If you space being abused, speak to our situation Hotline: 1-866-223-1111.


discover THE sounds OF FIRE safety THIS FIRE avoidance WEEK State Fire Marshal Jim smith from Minnesota department of Public safety and security · 6 Oct

good afternoon, neighbors. I can’t tell you how countless times ns heard people say “I never ever thought it could happen come me” throughout my career as a firefighter. While i hope you never do have actually a fire in your home, not practicing fire safety and also fire prevention is dangerous. I want to pass along some necessary reminders as Fire prevention Week continues: • Smoke and also carbon monoxide alarms save stays — yet only if lock work. Test your alarms monthly and change the batteries twice a year. • Smoke and also CO alarms make different sounds. Discovering what to do as soon as an alarm sound will keep you and also your family safe. As soon as an alarm makes noises — a beeping sound or a chirping sound — you must take action. Discover more: https://www.nfpa.org/-/media/Files/FPW/S.... • smoking is the leading reason of deadly fires in Minnesota. If you know someone who smokes, questioning them to smoke outside and properly dispose that their cigarette in a sturdy container filled through sand or water. • food preparation is the leading cause of home fires. Remain in the kitchen when you’re cooking and never douse a grease fire with water. Take care and stay safe, Jim smith
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come to be A TROOPER and also MAKE A difference communications Director Bruce Gordon native Minnesota department of Public safety and security · 26 Aug

good morning, neighbors!I desire to present you to Minnesota State Patrol Trooper Lori Young. Lori is a foodie, nature lover and adventurer. Once she’s not outside trying out or tasting new treats, she making a difference on Minnesota roads. You deserve to make a difference and also save resides too. The Minnesota State Patrol is spring for civilization from every backgrounds and walks of life to become state troopers. Those different around this possibility is that you execute not need any law enforcement suffer to apply, simply a two- or four-year level in any kind of discipline. Yes, you read that right: We will certainly pay for your schooling and train girlfriend to end up being a trooper through the Minnesota State Patrol. We have actually troopers who used to it is in meteorologists, minor organization baseball players, accountants, company professionals — and also everything in between. Room you tired of seeing human being on their phones behind the wheel or driving also fast? currently is your possibility to do a difference and also help change poor control habits. Girlfriend can aid us save lives. Learn much more and apply at www.mntrooper.com. You re welcome share this through someone in your life who can want to do a difference as well. Thanks,Bruce
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BCA Introduces application for providing Tips on hazards of Violence at Schools, places of worship communications Director Bruce Gordon native Minnesota room of Public safety · 19 Aug

an excellent afternoon, neighbors. I wanted to let girlfriend know about an app that the BCA is now using to assist prevent cases of violence in ~ our colleges and religious facilities. It’s referred to as See It, speak It, Send It. The idea is the faith neighborhood congregants and school staff and students deserve to use the application to report risks of violence made against schools and places of worship. The BCA will inform local legislation enforcement and assist as essential with the an answer to criminal activity. They’ll also will job-related with facility leadership and also other entities as required to recognize the appropriate response to tips the aren’t around criminal activity. This does not change local legislation enforcement or college or spiritual facility protection plans, yet rather additional them. A statewide expertise of dangers can aid us determine faster if a solitary threat involves much more than one basic or jurisdiction. That course, your very first call should always be 911 come report one ongoing event or an impending threat.I encourage you and also your family to download the free app on her phone now, and to use it if you ever become mindful of threatened violence in ~ your place of worship or your child’s school.Best instance scenario – you never ever use it. Yet the device is there, just in case.Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/detai...iPhones: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/see-it-say...
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100 website traffic DEATHS top top MINNESOTA roads communications Director Bruce Gordon native Minnesota department of Public safety and security · 29 Apr

Hello neighbors!I expect you are remaining safe. Unfortunately, not everyone has. We’ve struggle 100 website traffic deaths top top Minnesota roads in 2021, i m sorry is much previously than we have in the last six years. And also speed is an increasing factor in these an extremely preventable deaths. Driving smart is a family affair. Let’s every make certain our loved ones are buckled every time we obtain in the car. Be sure to help the driver stay concentrated by being their designated texter. Call the driver the OK to slow-moving down so the everyone come safely. And also be the household hero by supplying to be the designated driver. We have the right to keep our families and also our next-door neighbors safe together. Learn an ext at drivesmartmn.org. Take care, Bruce
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keep 911 LINES open up FOR EMERGENCIES interactions Director Bruce Gordon native Minnesota department of Public safety and security · 5 Apr

hello neighbors, as the trial for former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin continues, we have actually received questions about the finest number to contact to report suspicious task or one emergency. Below are contact numbers because that the city that Minneapolis:• 911: Life security emergencies inquiry police, fire or EMS.• 612-673-5335: advice to Minneapolis police about suspicious activity not request an immediate response.• 612-673-2499: Business and property owners with questions about business operations throughout the trial and also general information about regulations and also resources.• 311: for non-emergency city information. Outside of Minneapolis? speak to your 911 dispatch center’s 10-digit number come report suspicious activity: https://go.usa.gov/xsmm4. Mental to save 911 lines open up for emergencies only. Working together, we can ensure a safe trial and safe gatherings.Thanks, Bruce
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WHAT IS procedure SAFETY NET? interactions Director Bruce Gordon from Minnesota department of Public safety · 16 Mar

great morning, neighbors. We have been getting some questions around Operation safety Net (OSN), especially what OSN is and also who is behind the operation. Operation Safety net is a joint effort among state and also local agencies. These agencies run under a combined command, which method multiple voices from associated agencies add to the to work decisions. We’re here to protect people, freedom of speech and also property.Minnesota regulation enforcement officials created Operation safety and security Net to ensure everyone can safely have their voices heard and also that people and also property are safeguarded as the trial for former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin continues.Here room the operation Safety network partners: • Hennepin county Sheriff’s Office• subway Transit Police• Minneapolis Police Department• Minnesota department of herbal Resources• Minnesota countryside Security and Emergency Management• Minnesota national Guard• Minnesota State Patrol • Minnesota room of publicly Safety• Ramsey county Sheriff’s Office• St. Paul Police DepartmentYou deserve to learn much more on the operation Safety network website at safetynet.mn.gov. Take it care and also stay safe, Bruce
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procedure SAFETY NET: your OFFICIAL resource FOR INFORMATION throughout THE DEREK CHAUVIN psychological interactions Director Bruce Gordon indigenous Minnesota room of Public safety and security · 10 Mar
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AMBER alarm CANCELED interactions Director Bruce Gordon native Minnesota department of Public safety and security · 28 Feb

AMBER alarm UPDATE: The AMBER Alert the end of Minneapolis has been canceled. The child has actually been discovered safe. Say thanks to you to anyone who looked for her.
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operation SAFETY NET offers OFFICIAL details ON publicly SAFETY task DURING DEREK CHAUVIN attempt communications Director Bruce Gordon native Minnesota room of Public security · 26 Feb