Tuesday"s promotion consisted of the first two mrs Ranger captains in DPS background and the first-known Ranger in modern history to organize a doctorate degree



All 3 of the officers organized the rank of lieutenant before their promotions.

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Ranger Capt. Wende Wakeman in 1998. She was a Texas Highway Patrol Trooper in Sulpher Springs and new Caney prior to being supported to medicine sergeant in 2003.

In 2008, Wakeman join the Texas ranger in Conroe, and also was advocated to lieutenant and was stationed in Laredo in 2014, noting the first time in agency background that a woman was promoted to the location of Ranger lieutenant.

She transferred to Huntsville in 2015, wherein she served until this most recent promotion. In Austin, Wakeman will assist to oversee committed law enforcement groups within the Rangers.

Wakeman is a graduate the the national Forensics Academy, the worldwide Association that Chiefs the Police Women"s management Institute, and the DPS Command College. She has additionally completed the FBI management Trilogy and holds a bachelor"s degree in criminal justice from Sam Houston State University.

Ranger Capt. James cutting board graduated native the DPS Academy in 2002 and also worked as a Texas Highway Patrol Trooper in Anahuac, Bryan, Madisonville, Mont Belvieu, and Baytown.

In 2011, he was promoted to special Agent in the Criminal Investigations division in Houston, whereby he served in the corridor unit. In 2013, cutting board was appointed as a unique Deputy U.S. Marshal through the U.S. Marshals company Gulf coast Violent offenders Task pressure in Houston.

In 2015, he join the Texas ranger in El Paso. 3 years later, the was promoted to lieutenant and was stationed in Waco. In Austin, Thomas will supervise the Sexual assault Kit Initiative and also the Forensic artist program.

Thomas earn a bachelor"s degree in criminal justice from Lamar University, a master"s level in behavior science native the university of Houston-Clear Lake, and also a doctoral degree in educational management from Lamar University.

Ranger Capt. Melba Saenz joined the DPS in 2003 after serving together a police officer in Mission and with the McAllen Independent college District. She to be stationed together a Texas Highway Patrol Trooper in McAllen prior to joining the Texas ranger in 2008 in Laredo.

In 2015, Saenz was promoted to lieutenant in Edinburg, whereby she controlled three share Operations knowledge Centers and also field operations because that the Drawbridge program in south Texas. 

In might 2020, Saenz was supported to captain and also remains stationed in Edinburg, where she now manages 6 Joint Operations knowledge Centers indigenous El Paso come the Rio Grande sink while continuing to manage the field operations for the Drawbridge Program. 

Saenz was recognized by the FBI because that a joint aggravated kidnapping investigation and also the restore of a 5-year-old child. She was also recognized through the U.S. Department of landscape Security-Immigrations and also Customs Enforcement because that a high-profile share corruption examination in southern Texas.

Saenz is a graduate that the DPS Leadership advancement School and DPS leadership College.

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"These three talented, devoted professionals have actually excelled in location throughout their DPS careers and have showed tremendous commitment come the civilization of Texas and our regulation enforcement partners," DPS director Steven McCraw said. "I have the utmost confidence lock will proceed to make the room proud in their new roles in ~ the Rangers." 

The Texas Rangers specialization in investigating major crime events like murders, sex-related assaults, kidnappings, unsolved and also serial crimes, public corruption, crimes versus children, officer-involved shootings, and border security operations.

The Rangers likewise oversee dedicated law enforcement teams within DPS, including the unique Weapons and Tactics Team, Special solution Teams, Ranger reconnaissance Team, crisis Negotiations Unit, and Explosive Ordinance disposal Unit.

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