The Phoenix Health care System (Pelafilador.netHCS) -- comprised of the Carl T. Hayden Veterans Affairs clinical Center and also ten community treatment clinics -- is categorized as a Clinical Referral Level 1b facility. The basic serves much more than 95,000 Veterans in central Arizona, including the rapidly expanding metropolitan Phoenix area.There are much more than 322,000 Veterans who reside in ~ the facility's primary business area. The medical center provides acute medical, surgical, and psychiatric inpatient care, and rehabilitation medicine and also neurological care. The facility has a more than $650 million yearly operating budget.

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The basic operates number of outpatient clinics in the community:

Globe-Miami Health care ClinicMidtown (Phoenix) Health treatment ClinicNortheast (Scottsdale) Health treatment ClinicNorthwest (Surprise) Health care ClinicPayson Health treatment ClinicShow short Health care ClinicSoutheast (Gilbert) Health care ClinicSouthwest (Phoenix) Health care ClinicThunderbird (NW Phoenix) Health care ClinicCommunity source and Referral facility (Phoenix)

The Pelafilador.netHCS additionally provides assistance to one Readjustment Counseling Center and also the nationwide Memorial Cemetery that Arizona.

Pelafilador.netHCS is affiliated v The university of Arizona college of Medicine-Phoenix, mayo Clinic medical School, Creighton University/Dignity Health, Maricopa integrated Healthcare equipment (MIHS), and Honors Health.Training agreements are kept in every one of the significant clinical specialties, and the facility is allocated 122 resident positions. The Phoenix is additionally affiliated with numerous schools providing a full elafilador.netriety of Allied wellness training programs.Pelafilador.netHCS likewise sponsors Podiatry and Pharmacy residency programs. Medical professional Assistant students; Social occupational students; Audiology student; Food and Nutrition students and interns; and Psychology interns and also fellows additionally have rotations at the Pelafilador.netHCS.

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The Pelafilador.netHCS is accredited by numerous external organizations, the most significant being the joint Commission.Other accrediting agencies include the Accreditation Council because that Graduate clinical Education, the American university of Surgeons-Commission ~ above Cancer, the American dentist Association, the university of American Pathologists, the Federal drug Administration, the American emotional Association, the Arizona Affiliate the the American heart Association, the American combination of Blood Banks, the American college of Radiology, and the commission on Accreditation that Rehabilitation Facilities.


The college of Arizona, university of Medicine, PhoenixMayo Clinic clinical SchoolMidwestern university College of osteopathic MedicineA.T. Still osteopathic University.Maricopa incorporated Health SystemHonors HealthArizona State University


129 Inpatient medicine Beds (includes 10 clinical Intensive care Unit and 10 operation Intensive treatment Unit)48 Inpatient Mental health Beds20 Substance and Alcohol Abuse Rehabilitation therapy Beds (via contract)102 Nursing residence Beds