The U.S. Coast Guard has a number of special work forces, or deployable committed forces (DSF), organized under its regional commands (Atlantic and also Pacific Areas).

Deployable work Group

The Deployable Operations group was developed in 2007 in order to ar their present deployable dedicated forces under one command. The DOG was subsequently disbanded in 2013, through the miscellaneous DSF units returning to their area commands. Coastline Guard deployable dedicated forces units include:

Maritime security & protection Teams (MSST)

maritime Safety & defense Teams (MSST) space a marine security unit the was developed in the wake of the September 11th 2001 terrorist attacks. The MSST"s duty is to protect sea ports and also maritime infrastructure from terror attack. They room on a rapid response posture, prepared to deploy come points transparent the United claims as needed.

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more details : naval Safety & defense Team

Maritime Security response Team (MSRT)

The MSRT is an elite coast Guard unit the specializes in maritime counter-terrorism operations. The Direct activity Section (DAS) aspect of the MSRT space highly-trained in Close soldier Combat (CQC).


Maritime Security an answer Team pictured throughout a training exercise.
more info : naval Security solution Team

Port protection Units (PSU)

PSUs are a deployable pressure protection unit that is capable of operating within U.S. Ar waters and also in foreign waters. Port protection Units run fleets of armed Boston Whaler Transportable harbor Security boats (TPSB) v which lock patrol ports and associated waterways.


USCG Port defense Unit patrolling waters off Guantanamo just in a TPSB.

Tactical regulation Enforcement groups (TACLET)

The Deployable to work Group"s 2 Tactical legislation Enforcement groups deploy regulation Enforcement Detachments (LETDET) that lug out maritime interdiction and also counter medicine smuggling operations. They additionally have a maritime security, hike interdiction and also counter-piracy role. TACLETs .

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National Strike pressure (NSF)

The nationwide Strike pressure provides specially-trained personnel and committed equipment in order come prepare and also respond to environmental calamities such together oil spills or the release of weapons Of Mass devastation (WMD). The NSF is under the USCG"s Atlantic Area command.

Regional Dive Lockers

The Deployable Operations team has 2 regional Dive Lockers, located in Portsmouth, VA and also San Diego, CA. These units administer divers trained in Ports and also Waterways seaside Security (PWCS); Aids to navigation (ATON); and also ship husbandry and also repair in remote polar regions.