Big yardage in large D Carr completed 24 of 39 passes for 373 yards and a touchdown in a 36-33 overtime victory over the Cowboys on Thanksgiving. He also gained 11 yards on two carries.

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Impact It to be a wild job in Dallas as Carr and also Dak Prescott combined for virtually 750 passing yards, but the Raiders QB come out on optimal with an eight-play journey in the extra frame after the Cowboys walk three-and-out on their just possession of OT. It"s the 6th time in 11 games Carr has actually topped 300 yards, through Thursday"s total marking his ideal effort due to the fact that Week 3. He likewise didn"t litter an interception for the first time since Week 6. The 30-year-old will look to bring that momentum into a week 13 clash through Washington.
Tafur: DeSean Jackson helps Derek Carr get his mojo ago as the Raiders shock the Cowboys The Raiders had actually some much-needed funny on Thanksgiving as they snapped their three-game losing streak.
Raiders start fast and also get big stop when they need it: 5 takeaways native OT win against Cowboys Derek Carr threw because that 373 yards and also Hunter Renfrow (134 yards) and DeSean Jackson (102) come up large with Darren Waller the end of the game.
Raiders start fast and also get big stop as soon as they needed it: five takeaways from your OT win versus the Cowboys Derek Carr threw for 373 yards and Hunter Renfrow (134 yards) and also DeSean Jackson (102) came up big with Darren Waller out of the game.
Message from ex-Raiders coach Jon Gruden stuck on Derek Carr"s psychic in success over Cowboys The las Vegas Raiders space 5-0 once Derek Carr throws for more than 300 yards.
Why Derek Carr Is Raiders" Most beneficial Player Emory Hunt and Bryant McFadden describe why Derek Carr is the Raiders" most beneficial player
Derek Carr, Raiders offense feasts top top the Cowboys defense in Thanksgiving win Carr went because that 373 pass yards in the overtime win.
Derek Carr discusses the victory over the Cowboys Quarterback Derek Carr discusses the overtime victory versus the Dallas Cowboys, vast receiver DeSean Jackson and more.
Derek Carr"s ideal plays indigenous Thanksgiving success vs. Cowboys - week 12 watch quarterback Derek Carr"s best plays indigenous the week 12 success over the Cowboys.
Derek Carr, Raiders eke the end OT win over Cowboys on Thanksgiving; Jerry Jones calls out officiating las Vegas test three ar goals, including a missed ar goal ~ above the 3rd try, that were counter by differing penalties prior to Daniel C...

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