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A guy who previously stated that George Floyd and also Derek Chauvin knew every other, has changed his story and stating the there was a "mix-up in between George and another other co-worker."

David Pinney operated at the El Nuevo Rodeo society in Minneapolis and also recently told CBS evening News the Chauvin and also Floyd likewise worked there and "bumped heads," while working the exact same shift. Chauvin is the former Minneapolis police officer charged in Floyd"s fatality while in police custody on might 25.

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Despite Pinney"s vault comments, ~ above Wednesday the sent an email to CBS News saying that he had perplexed Floyd v someone else. Maya Santamaria, the previous owner the the El Nuevo Rodeo club, very first connected Pinney through the news outlet.

"She specifically claimed she to be unable come give detail information about George because she walk not have actually a close partnership with him together I did," Pinney created in his email, suggesting that this was one of the factors he puzzled Floyd with someone else.

"I to apologize for not doing mine due diligence and also placing friend in a an extremely uncomfortable situation," Pinney added.

In ahead interviews, both Pinney and also Santamaria expressed confidence that Floyd and Chauvin functioned together at the club.

"They were working together at the same time, it"s simply that Chauvin functioned outside and the protection guards to be inside," Santamaria called KSTP News. "My friend sent me and also said, "this is , the male who used to job-related for you," and I said, "It"s no him." and then they go the close-up, and that"s once I said, "Oh mine God, that"s him.""

During Pinney"s interview v CBS, he to be asked, "Is there any kind of doubt in her mind the Derek Chauvin knew George Floyd?" come which the responded, "No. That knew him."

In enhancement to stating that the two worked together and knew every other, Santamaria described that Chauvin "had a real short fuse and also he appeared afraid."

"When there to be an altercation, he always resorted to pulling the end his Mace pepper spray everybody right away even though i felt it was unwarranted," Santamaria added.


reginaldadams, is shown on a wall of the Breakfast Klub in midtown, close to where Floyd grew up in Houston"s 3rd Ward, top top June 10. David Pinney currently states the he go not understand that Derek Chauvin and George Floyd knew every other.Mario Tama/GettyWhile speak to CBS News, Santamaria also stated the she believed Chauvin was "afraid and also intimidated," by black people.

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Prior come Pinney stating that he perplexed Floyd v someone else, Ben Crump, the lawyer for Floyd"s family also spoke to CBS News around how he think Chauvin must be charged through first-degree murder as he knew Floyd. Chauvin is currently charged v second-degree murder, together he is watched in lot of videos kneeling top top Floyd"s neck while Floyd have the right to be heard continuously saying the he can"t breathe.