Chauvin is the previous Minneapolis police officer identified in news reports as the killer the George Floyd.

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Published27 might 2020Updated27 might 2020

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But the guy in the “Make Whites great Again” hat over is not Chauvin. This photo actually mirrors Jonathan Riches, a support of U.S. President Donald Trump that is also a former federal inmate and an online troll who has garnered a call for filing lawsuits.

Riches shown to us that he’s the person in this photograph, yet claimed the the “Make Whites good Again” slogan on this cap was photoshopped: 

Hat is fake. Photocopied / photoshopped for sure.. Ns wear MAGA hats <…> human being don’t prefer me since of mine Trump politics activism. In return they set up fake file of me, memes, fake display shots etc. In return i re-post to my friends what these human being do come me. Been doing it for years to me <…> it’s my challenge in the photo. Someone doctored or edited and spread it as if ns am the cop. Now I’m being harassed.

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We examined the photograph and also see no obvious signs that digital editing. Riches likewise could not develop the original, undoctored photograph.

Furthermore, a 2nd photograph of wide range in a “Make Whites good Again” was posted come a Facebook web page in assistance of the two men charged in the death of a black jogger in Georgia. Riches declared that this photo was post by a “fake profile.” However, Riches common a screenshot that this article to his Facebook page (which he has because deleted) and commented that he couldn’t believe “people can obtain so prompted by a red hat.” At the time, wide range made no mention that the hat was fake. 


Lastly, screenshots present that the image of wealth in a “Make Whites great Again” hat while pulling a blackberry indigenous a bowl of fruit shows up to have actually been originally common to the Facebook web page of Christina Caldwell, who claims to it is in Riches’ grandmother, along with the message: “The blacker the berry the sweeter the juice.” the post, too, has been deleted, however Caldwell evidenced in a separate article that the was wide range in the photo. Caldwell do no cite of the hat being fake. 



In sum, the picture supposedly showing ex-Minneapolis police officer Chauvin in a “Make Whites an excellent Again” hat actually mirrors Riches. If the evidence appears to present that this cap is genuine, Riches claims that the “Make Whites great Again” slogan to be photoshopped. 

Recent UpdatesUpdated <27 might 2020>: post updated through a statement indigenous Jonathan wealth claiming the the "Make Whites an excellent Again" slogan on this cap was doctored.