A multitalented entertainer and brand-new York time bestselling author, Derek Hough started dancing in his hometown the Salt Lake City, Utah, at age 11. Just one year later, he relocated to London to live and train with the top dance coaches in the world and attend the call Italia Conti performing arts institution where he studied theater, music and dance.

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with celebrity partner on "Dancing with the Stars" that consisted of Brooke Burke, Jennie Garth, Ricki Lake, Nicole Scherzinger, Jennifer Grey, Kellie Pickler, Amber Riley, Amy Purdy and also Bindi Irwin, Hough is best known for his innovation and daring choreography ~ above the show. Come date, Hough is the winningest expert dancer in the franchise"s background with a full of six wins.

Hough showed up in this year"s "The Disney family Singalong" specials.

A two-time Emmy compensation winner and also nine-time Emmy nominee, Hough has also appeared in film, television and stage projects as one actor. That made his feature film debut for director Duane Adler and also producer Robert Cort in the feature film "Make her Move" and had a recurring role on the elafilador.net series "Nashville." His phase performances incorporate Radio City Music Hall"s "Spring Spectacular," co-starring alongside Tony Award®-winning Laura Benanti, and the critically acclaimed manufacturing of "Footloose," whereby he starred together the male lead in London"s West End.

In may 2017, Hough join Jennifer Lopez and Ne-Yo in ~ the judges table for the NBC series "World the Dance." and also in December 2016, Hough starred through Jennifer Hudson, Ariana Grande, boy name Short and also Harvey Fierstein in NBC"s "Hairspray Live!"

Hough can also include bestselling author to his perform of credits. His memoir "Taking the Lead; Lessons indigenous a Life in Motion" hit stands in respectable 2014 and also was rapidly named to the prestigious brand-new York Times ideal Seller list throughout two nonconsecutive time periods.

In 2014, Hough and also his sisters Julianne teamed because that a live phase dance concert "MOVE Live on Tour," performing in 50 cities roughly the country; and a year later, lock toured again marketing out scores that venues on your multicity outing. In 2017, lock again perform a sold-out tour of 48 cities around the United claims with their show "Move – past – Live on Tour." In 2019, Hough perfect his an initial solo national tour, "Derek Hough Live: The Tour," i beg your pardon visited almost 60 cities about the country.

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next year, fans about the civilization will head to las Vegas, the entertainment resources of the world, to capture Hough in "Derek Hough: No Limit." This extremely anticipated residency for caesars Entertainment at the Flamingo ras Vegas debuts in 2021.