Derek Hough performed on the DWTS dance floor for the first time in over three years during this week"s episode

Derek Hough is feeling grateful after returning to the Dancing with the Stars ballroom floor because that the an initial time in an ext than 3 years.

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During Monday night’s episode of the compete show, Hough carry out a paso doble to Taalbi Brothers' “Uccen” with his girl friend of 5 years and former DWTS pro, Hayley Erbert.

He reflect on the special moment in an Instagram short article on Tuesday, sharing the he is "full of gratitude."

“It’s a privilege to dance on this top floor as soon as again,” Hough, 35, created alongside a video clip of the performance. “Having a communication to create and showcase something the you love, with someone girlfriend love is important special. I never ever take for granted having actually the chance to share v so many. The viewers and also fans that DWTS are remarkable and also have maintained this display going because that so long.”



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He continued, “DWTS has provided so much for so many years allowing a community of dancers come thrive. Including myself. Feeling complete of gratitude and also appreciation this morning. Looking front to the rest of the season and also many an ext in the future. Much Love 🙏🏼”

Hough departed indigenous DWTS ~ finishing in sixth location with Marilu Henner ~ above Season 23 in 2016. Then, for season 29, he came to be a irreversible fixture ~ above the judges' panel, replacing longtime head judge Len Goodman after ~ coronavirus take trip restrictions minimal the U.K. Native, 76, from making the expedition to Los Angeles.

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Hough hold the record for the many wins organized by any pro, with 6 mirrorball trophies. He took house the optimal prize v celebrity partner Brooke Burke (season 7), Nicole Scherzinger (season 10), Jennifer Grey (season 11), Kellie Pickler (season 16), Amber Riley (season 17) and also Bindi Irwin (season 21).

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Erbert, 26, started her role as a troupe dancer top top season 21 in 2015, the exact same year she and also Hough started dating. In 2019, the troupe was reduced from DWTS and also Erbert, that was additionally a mentor on DWTS Juniors, wrapped she seven periods with the franchise.

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