Derek Hough is one of the most beloved skilled dancers of Dancing v the Stars. He has actually performed dozens of top routines on the ABC truth television series and is one of the many decorated pros, with 6 mirrorball trophy wins throughout 17 seasons. 

Ahead the the show’s “Horror Night,” Hough make a significant announcement that has the show’s fans freaking out. The collection will function songs and also dances based on iconic fear movies and also villains. What walk Hough have up his sleeve the sparked such attention from Dancing through the Stars viewers?



Derek Hough | ABC/Adrienne Raquel

Hough announced top top Instagram, “I’ve really delighted in being a referee on DWTS, yet this Monday, I gain from behind the desk and also hit the run floor.” 

While that did not intricate further on his power in this post, fans common their thrill at the prospect of Hough using his dance talents ~ above the display once again.

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One of this admirers was fellow judge Inaba who wrote, “It’s about time. Ns love as soon as you dance, Derek! we all do! i can’t wait to view what magic you room bringing top top Monday. And also this suit! therefore good.”

Hough’s fans echoed she sentiments.

“Derek brightens mine Mondays as soon as he dances! ns do miss out on him and his partners contending every week. His an innovative choreography, his dancing, and also how he bring THE finest out that his partners,” composed one viewer.

“Can’t wait to watch!” penned a second follower.

Derek Hough’s spooky DWTS performance

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In a different Instagram article shared by Dancing through the Stars, Hough, girlfriend Hayley Erbert, and also the show’s troupe enraged what fans could expect from this exciting performance.

Hough was checked out in the ballroom preparing because that what showed up to be a trembling dance. He stated he said there would be passion, music, and horror in a video with Erbert.

Following were clips that Hough and also the troupe as they ready for the DWTS live show.

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Hough critical performed solo top top DWTS during the season 29 finale the the show. It to be his an initial time performing solo in the ballroom and dancing without a partner in a decade.