After seventeen seasons and also six championship titles, Derek Hough has made the decision come leave Dancing through the Stars. For this reason what’s on the horizon because that the 31-year-old professional dancer?

Turns out when worldwide superstar Jennifer Lopez asks girlfriend to execute something, you say yes. Hough will certainly be involvement Ne-Yo and Lopez in ~ the judges table top top NBC’s forthcoming reality show, World the Dance


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neyo with the amazing brand-new show 'WORLD the DANCE'. I cannot wait to watch the remarkable talent we will certainly uncover top top this new incredible adventure! #WOD #DANCE #1millionDollars #dancers #livewithpassion #nbc

A write-up shared through Derek Hough (

World of Dance is a run competition display in which 3 age departments composed of either a solo or group act complete for a million-dollar prize and the coveted location of “Best in the World.”

“Jennifer, Derek and Ne-Yo are three that the most achieved dancers of your generation, and also their incredible insight from the judges’ table will certainly be both inspiring and wholly constructive come the world-class level that dancers that are contending on the show,” global Television alternate Studio president Meredith Ahr stated in a press release follow to TV Guide. “We feel so really honored that the three of them room giving earlier to the dance community in this way.”

While World that Dance won’t premiere until following year, girlfriend can record Hough in the upcoming Hairspray Live distinct airing Dec. 7 ~ above NBC.

So what execute you think? room you sad to check out him leaving or excited to check out him ~ above the other side of the evaluate table? let us know in the comments!


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