Derek Hough has judged “Dancing with the Stars” because that a season and a half now, but let’s no forget that he’s additionally a dancer and also choreographer v a record six Mirror round Trophies and also a near-record three Emmys ~ above his shelf. He offered us an additional reminder the his creative bona fides during “Horror Night” as soon as he and his companion Hayley Erbert perform “Tango that the Dead.” and also it could win that a landmark fourth Emmy. Watch the performance above.

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“DWTS” has won four full Emmys for choreography: Hough has actually three that those, while Mandy Moore has the other. That trails “So girlfriend Think You deserve to Dance,” i beg your pardon has declared a exceptional 12 trophies in the category. That’s early out in huge part come the reality that “DWTS” is an amateur vain with largely inexperienced dancers discovering the basics, while “SYTYCD” is a competition for extremely trained dancers performing professional-level routines. The choreography is more daunting and complex, which looks far better to Emmy judges. For the matter, three out the the 4 “DWTS” Emmy wins have actually been because that routines choreographed for the pros, no for the contestants.

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Sadly, “SYTYCD’s” 2020 season was killed by the COVID-19 pandemic, and now the show may not return in ~ all. So as soon as Hough earn an Emmy nomination because that his very own stellar exhibition performances top top “DWTS,” the didn’t have to confront the usual slew of “SYTYCD” routines that generally filled up the category, opening the door for his 3rd win. That’s not to to speak Hough only won due to the fact that “SYTYCD” was out of contention — the beat “SYTYCD” twice before. Yet without the rival run competition series on the air, Hough’s routines to be able to stand out even much more than usual.

Now Hough has three vain choreography Emmys. For years that was the all-time record. However, the legendary Debbie Allen also winner a choreography Emmy this year in another category for the Netflix telefilm “Christmas top top the Square” — her fourth — maintaining Hough one victory shy the the all-time mark. However with his stellar, moody, intricate, eerie tango top top “Horror Night,” expect Hough to throw his had ago in the ring at the 2022 Emmys. And honestly, if anyone must tie Allen, it provides sense because that it to be Hough, who has actually helped re-popularize run on TV because that the 21st century.

CORRECTION: A previous variation of this write-up misstated the all “DWTS” Emmy wins to be for skilled routines.

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