Today plenty of men and women are either mourning or rejoicing about the breakup that the star couple that was Jeter and also Minka Kelly.

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Once believed to be acquiring married, this mega millionaires have dubbed it quits.

Celebrities and also athletes have actually long been linked to one another, but an ext times than no it never works out. There to be high hopes for these two, but sadly they did not make it. 

They case they will certainly still be friends, and also we all know neither one will have actually a tough time finding a far-ranging other again.

So now that the power pair is no more, let"s take it a look at few of their memorable moments together.

Baseball Isn't the just Sport She'll Watch
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Jeter and also Kelly started dating in 2008, and also here castle were viewed on the sidelines of a Texas Longhorns video game in Austin.

The Yankees didn"t make the playoffs in ~ this allude in 2008, so Jeter had actually plenty the time to acquire acquainted through his new woman. Kelly remained in Texas filming she television display Friday Night Lights, and she took time out to watch some football with her new man.

Vacation Getaway
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Jeter and also Kelly were the targets that paparazzi where they went because every simply had to know what they to be doing. 

Here, the couple was spotted top top a tropical vacation in St. Barts. A trip in heaven was recorded on camera and also published in the New York Post. A wonderful moment together for the couple, and the whole civilization can view it. Talk about a an excellent way to spend a vacation.

Next time Jeter wants to have a vacation getaway in the offseason, who will that take? no one knows the now, yet the paparazzi are bound to discover out.

Joyful celebration event
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The new York Yankees won the World series in 2009, and also Kelly play the duty of Jeter"s woman very well. 

She doesn"t know much around baseball, but she gladly joined him here in a brand-new York parade celebrate the Yankees" historical win.

Now the they"re no longer together, if the Yankees success the World series this year Jeter will be celebrate alone.

They favor Tennis? who Knew?
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Then a happy couple, Jeter and Kelly were at the 2010 US open tournament in brand-new York City acquiring all cozy together.

Nobody really knows how much Kelly likes sports, but good for her for tagging along with Jeter at every these events.

Welcome come Miami!
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Instead of playing in the 2011 MLB All-Star game, Jeter opted to take it a rest from the sport to relax and also get healthy. 

A day or therefore after the news broke, Jeter and Kelly were captured walking the highways of Miami together.

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Go pat baseball through a bunch the dudes or have an additional beach vacation with the gorgeous Minka Kelly?

Yeah, ns think he made the appropriate choice.

No. 3,000!
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Looking on from a deluxe box, Minka Kelly to be there for Jeter"s fight No. 3,000. 

Jeter launched a house run in the 3rd inning to reach the career milestone, and in doing so he came to be the an initial New York Yankee ever to have 3,000 hits. 

This to be the last large moment because that the couple, and also it"s other Jeter will remember forever. 

What's Next?
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Let"s be actual here: we all recognize that in a couple of months or so once Jeter"s season is over he will certainly be viewed with one more hot woman. The will much more than likely be one more celebrity since hey...he"s Derek Jeter, and also he does whatever he wants. 

For Kelly, she"ll warp increase the final touches because that Charlie"s Angels, which will certainly air Thursday, September 22, the 35th anniversary that the initial TV show. 

She"s a beautiful woman, and also she shouldn"t have any problem finding an additional man. Anyone she dates next will have actually a difficult act to monitor though. Many of the females Jeter days go top top to discover love again, however it"s never ever with everyone as big a star as he is. 

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