Miami warmth forward Derrick Jones Jr. Beat Orlando Magic forward Aaron Gordon in an epic duel Saturday to victory the 2020 NBA Slam Dunk contest in Chicago"s unified Center.

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Jones Jr. And Gordon advanced to the finals the end of a four-person group that also included Milwaukee Bucks swingman pat Connaughton and also Los Angeles Lakers center Dwight Howard.

Once there, Jones Jr. And Gordon rotate it increase a notch and earned perfect 50-score dunks, leading to a two-slam dunk-off to decision the winner.

Jones Jr. And also Gordon both got 50s to begin the round, however the warm forward bested Gordon 48-47 in their final slams to win.

Gordon is currently a tough-luck loser in two legendary slam dunk contests after shedding to then-Minnesota Timberwolves safety Zach LaVine in 2016. The Magic forward had perfect scores ~ above his very first five dunks top top Saturday.

Here"s a look at the scores for all the dunks, the ideal highlights and also reaction to a slam dunk challenge that have to go under as among the best in NBA history.


First Round

Aaron Gordon: 50-50

Derrick Jones Jr.: 46-50

Pat Connaughton: 45-50

Dwight Howard: 41-49

Final Round

Aaron Gordon: 50-50

Derrick Jones Jr.: 50-50


Derrick Jones Jr.: 50-48

Aaron Gordon: 50-47


Each of the four contestants added at the very least one remarkable dunk.

Dwight Howard paid homage to late Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant and his own Superman dunk from the 2008 Slam Dunk dispute with this move:

Howard brought ago ex-Orlando Magic teammate Jameer Nelson to offer the lob, similar to he did 12 year ago.

Connaughton acquired a small help native his friends, too, when he inquiry Bucks teammate Giannis Antetokounmpo to assist on a dunk.

The Bucks shoot guard climate proceeded to grab the round from his teammate, jump over Antetokounmpo, hit the backboard and also slam it home in one fell swoop:

Both that those dunks deserve 50s, but the night belonged come Gordon and Jones Jr.

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The heat forward go into aircraft Mode because that his an initial attempt, which occurred just after he brought a date of birth cake ~ above the court to celebrate his 23rd.

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