Derrick Lewis desires to victory heavyweight title for Houston in ~ UFC 265 (2:03)Derrick Lewis claims he plans come beat Ciryl Gane and also win the heavyweight title for his hometown of Houston at UFC 265. (2:03)


It to be Oct. 6, 2018, in ~ T-Mobile Arena in ras Vegas. Derrick Lewis was losing badly, ~ above the verge of among the worst accident of his career.

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Six-foot-7 Russian heavyweight Alexander Volkov was seconds away indigenous victory. To add insult come dominance, Volkov was talk trash midfight. Once Lewis" cornermen were informing him come "go" and throw more punches, Volkov would mock them, saying "Go, Derrick! Go!" if he landing shots of his own.

But with 11 secs left, Lewis had the last word. The walked Volkov down and landed a sizzling left-jab, overhand-right combination. Volkov"s head snap back, and he dropped to the canvas. Lewis finished with punches ~ above the ground as the referee stopped the fight. Lewis, who calls self "The black color Beast," had actually pulled out an additional come-from-behind victory.


The interim UFC heavyweight location is ~ above the heat in the main event of UFC 265, as veteran Derrick Lewis take away on climbing star Ciryl Gane.

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" to be taunting me that totality fight," Lewis said "He was trying to taunt mine coaches. As soon as I struggle him, and the method I walk it and also everything, the was just like, perfect.

"I ultimately woke up in ~ the finish of the fight. Ns turned right into Beast mode, or whatever, in ~ the finish of the fight and also decided, "OK, I desire this fight over with." and also I ended up ending the fight."

With that win, Lewis earned the an initial title shoot of his career, which he shed to Daniel Cormier at UFC 230 in November 2018.

On Saturday, Lewis will certainly get an additional opportunity at a belt. He"ll hit the up-and-coming Ciryl Gane in the main event of UFC 265 in Lewis" embraced hometown of Houston because that the interim heavyweight championship. The map is built around Lewis, which shows his development not just as a fighter but also as a renowned figure in combined martial arts.

Along the way, Lewis has occurred a loyal following with his self-deprecating humor and an ability to rally from brewing defeat come knock foes unconscious. Lewis has four knockouts in the third round or later, and also he has actually three KOs when having actually a an adverse strike differential. His 12 KOs/TKOs are tied v Vitor Belfort and Matt Brown because that the many in UFC history, and also he is the all-time leader because that knockouts in UFC heavyweight history.

"I favor to knock world out," Lewis said. "I get a high turn off of it. It"s a an excellent feeling. ... It"s choose the finest feeling in the world."

His opponents describe how Lewis" punches feeling different and how surprised they are that a 6-foot-3, 260-pound man can be therefore agile and also keep his power till the really end the a fight. The last trait is one Gane requirements to it is in wary of, follow to those that have faced Lewis, since even despite Gane is a hefty -370 favourite according to caesars Sportsbook, Lewis is 6-3 together a betting underdog in the UFC.

Responses have been edited because that brevity and also clarity

Derrick Lewis won his fourth in a heat and second by second-round KO on Feb. 20 once he flattened Curtis Blaydes to set up Saturday"s interim location shot.Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC/Getty Images

Daniel Cormier, previous UFC heavyweight and also light heavyweight champion

Beat Lewis via second-round submission at UFC 230 top top Nov. 3, 2018

Derrick is very powerful, obviously, in all regards. That hasn"t had actually the success of a guy like Jon Jones or Conor McGregor, but he"s one of those men who is absolutely free in there. He has actually no fear. He just wants to fight, loves fighting. He"s exponentially talented. I think that"s one of those things human being miss around Derrick Lewis -- how athletically gifted he is. Girlfriend don"t gain to execute some that the things Derrick Lewis does and also not have elite-level athleticism. There space times as soon as he does things and I"m like, "Wow, this huge dude have the right to put this together." It"s tremendous.

When he access time you, it"s different. Ns was stop his leg up, and also he was punching me, and I had actually a black color eye for 3 days. That"s the power that the has. A guy with his leg up in the air, about to acquire taken down, and also he"s just throwing punches defensively because I"m holding the in the position. Once he to be punching me, ns was like, "Wow, this dude hits yes, really hard." but it"s not also just the punches. Ns think that"s what"s missing in the entirety thing. World think Derrick Lewis simply punches hard, however he walk a jumping kick and it hit my arm, and also I had knots on mine arm. It"s whatever he does. He"s a an extremely big, dense guy.

He"s among those guys with that demeanor like, "Oh, I"m type of just here." You kind of gain lost in the jokes and him messing roughly when the truth is, he"s a high-level mixed martial artist. Ns think his fight versus Curtis Blaydes confirmed that after ns beat him in the fashion ns did; that went earlier to work. Because his wrestling is much better now. Curtis is a great wrestler. We"ve checked out Curtis floor everybody, but he was not able to take Derrick down. And also even as soon as he did get takedowns, that wasn"t able to hold him down. He did a great job that getting back up as soon as he to be taken down.

I think at this point it"s time to stop considering Derrick Lewis as just a brawler. That knockout the Blaydes was him backing up. He to be on his heels once he go that. That"s next-level power -- once a guy can do that backing up, time that and land the shot the he go to finish Curtis Blaydes. Ns couldn"t think it. Not just did the knock him out, the f---ed him increase bad. The slept him. Let"s no let the aw-shucks mindset trick you. This guy is the real deal. Gane has to be ~ above his video game or he"s going come beat him.

Alexander Volkov to be 11 seconds from success -- until he feel Lewis" power. Volkov"s mouthpiece came out together he fell to the mat.Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Getty Images

Tony Johnson, ACA heavyweight champion

Beat Lewis via unanimous decision at Bellator 46 on June 25, 2011

Derrick is supervisor f---ing strong, and also he hits so damn hard. Every time the hit me, you can hear it. The sounded like frickin" bricks hitting each other. After that fight, i swear ns was prefer a newborn. I had actually like soft clues on my head. Ns didn"t train like I essential to for the fight, and also he taught me a valuable lesson: never ever underestimate anybody.

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I think it to be the third round. I had his leg. I was trying to take Derrick down. I had actually the single leg, and also he acquired some sort of angle and also hammerfisted me one time. And also I felt that. The 2nd time, ns felt light-headed. The 3rd time, i was like, "Oh s---, i can"t stay here any longer." The dude has power throughout the totality fight. That"s why he"s therefore dangerous. He"s never out that it. I gained cracked through his complete punch, too. The didn"t feeling great. I looked favor Quasimodo after that fight in mine face.