Derrick Rose has actually been one exemplary suggest guard in the NBA throughout his experienced career. Just a few players have played at this level with the exact same intensity and passion as rose has.

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Rose is may be the next ideal thing that has happened come the Chicago Bulls since the Michael Jordan era. Regardless of enduring the sort of injuries that make many players retire, Derrick increased has found a means to recover and also continue making plays together if he never left.

Five legend moments of Derrick Rose"s career

There are a plethora that moments that would define how electrifying Derrick Rose"s career has been.

His perseverance and consistency despite going v career-ending injuries is an extremely laudable. On that note, let"s delve into the 5 top moments of his career.

#1 Career-high 50 points in Minnesota

Derrick increased underwent 4 knee surgeries prior to the end of 2017, 3 of i m sorry came during his project with the Chicago Bulls. His persistent knee injuries frustrated the guard to the level that he contemplated his future together a basketball player.

His frustration to be prevalent throughout his time v the Cleveland Cavaliers. In 2018, Derrick increased signed with the Minnesota Timberwolves, which significant the start of the comeback of the previous MVP.

Congratulations to
drose ~ above winning moment of the year in ~ the #NBAAwards!Here"s his post-game interview native after his monster night top top the court.

— Bally sporting activities North (
BallySportsNOR) June 25, 2019

On October 31, 2018, Derrick increased went berserk and recorded a career-high 50 points, 4 rebounds and six assists. Ironically, the came versus the Utah Jazz, who had actually waived him in February 2018, two days ~ he to be signed.

The last time Derrick Rose had actually such a leading performance was practically eight years back when he tape-recorded 40+ points because that the Chicago Bulls. He ended the season v 18 points per video game while shooting at 48.2% native the field.

#2 MVP campaign in the 2010-11 season

After to win the NBA Rookie that the Year award in 2009, Derrick climbed was hungry for more accolades. When asked about his expectations ahead the the next season, he had replied, "Why can"t i be the MVP of the league?".

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What seemed choose a tall statement in ~ the time came to fruition at the finish of the 2010-11 regular season. In an outstanding campaign, Derrick increased led the Chicago Bulls to a 62-20 run on the season.

9 years earlier today, Derrick Rose became the youngest MVP in NBA history. He join MJ together the just Bulls to ever win the award. Celebrate this particular day