Actress heather Burns, that played miss out on Rhode Island Cheryl Frasier, starred alongside Sandra Bullock in the 2000 comedy Miss Congeniality

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Heather Burns has end up being synonymous v the date April 25, thanks to her many memorable line in the Sandra Bullock-starring comedy Miss Congeniality.

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"I'm an extremely grateful for the day, because it provides me a opportunity to attach with pan of the film and old friends. Ns love having been a component of something that has been systematic for so lengthy to so numerous," Burns speak

The actress, 46, likewise spoke about how she doesn't mind the extra fist she it s okay on the day, which has come to be a lovely meme. "I love it. It appears to annually get a tiny bigger even," she called E! News.

"And it's such a quite day for me because come the end of the woodwork sending me memes and things," included Burns, who is also known because that her function in You've obtained Mail. "And i go about town… human being give me complimentary coffee and, you know, it's simply everyone's type of happy to watch me on that day."

Burns played the wholesome, and also delightfully naive, Cheryl Frasier, a.k.a. Miss Rhode Island, in the 2000 comedy around an FBI agent (Bullock) who goes undercover in the miss United states pageant.

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Fans that Miss Congeniality have created an unofficially holiday about the interview scene, throughout which william Shatner's personality Stan fields asks Cheryl to define her perfect date. "That's a tough one," she responds. "I'd have to say April 25. Due to the fact that it's not as well hot, not also cold. All you need is a light jacket."

As for just how she point out the day, Burns likewise tells, "I usually spend April 25th go around brand-new York City, in a light jacket, enjoy it the perfect weather."

On Sunday, Shatner likewise commemorated the day. "Happy #PerfectDateDay!" the actor tweeted along with the lovely meme.

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Though Burns claimed her character "just sort of come out the me naturally," she additionally credited her mom for motivating her. "At the time, ns was therefore happy play her," she said.

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"Just being in her skin make me a happier person in general, yet especially throughout that time," Burns added. "I mean, I have such fond memory of both that those films, just a happiness to work on. The impact that simply the sweet of the movie in basic has had actually on a generation of pan is additionally really, really lovely because that me to experience, and also I'm glad the the film had actually an effect in that way."

Burns additionally raved about working v Bullock, through whom she'd later appear in Two mainly Notice (2002) and also Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and also Fabulous (2005). "She was incredibly warm," Burns said. "She always is. She's simply exactly how you would certainly imagine her to be."

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