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In 1986, farming secretary man Block invested Reagan's resolve from his friend's home on the shores that Montego Bay, Jamaica. "I was having actually a glass of wine probably," Block stated after the fact.

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In 1990, secretary the veteran affairs Ed Derwinski had a nice casual suffer as the designated survivor. He had actually pizza near his house while his security detail stood by.


previous President George H.W. Bush's cabinet, through Derwinski standing in the peak row, third from the right. Wikimedia Commons

Source: abc News

In 1996, secretary the health and also human solutions Donna Shalala invested the State of the Union deal with in the White House. She supposedly ordered pizza because that her staff after former President invoice Clinton told her, "Don't carry out anything i wouldn't do."


In 1997, secretary of farming Dan Glickman went to his daughter in reduced Manhattan come hang the end at she apartment — "nuclear football" and also all. However after the State that the Union finished and mystery Service left, they to be left searching for taxis in the pouring rain.

In 1999, then-secretary of housing and also urban breakthrough and now-governor of new York Andrew Cuomo choose to stay house to spend quality time through his kids.

new York Gov. Andrew Cuomo gestures as he arrives for a meeting v President-elect Donald Trump at Trump Tower in brand-new York ~ above Jan. 18, 2017. AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

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In 2000, secretary of energy Bill Richardson invested his time together designated survivor hanging out through his family in seaside Maryland. Lock dined ~ above roast beef and drank beers together the secret Service watched over them.

But after ~ the 9/11 strikes rocked the world, the role of designated survivor take it on new gravity. From climate on out, designated survivors were taken to an undisclosed location and didn't speak come reporters around their experiences.

shrub gives his State the the Union deal with on Capitol Hill Tuesday, Jan. 29, 2002 ~ entering the packed residence chamber to boisterous applause from Republicans and Democrats alike. AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Source: abc News

"I think 9/11 created a brand-new aura of reality," said interior secretary and also 2011's designated survivor Ken Salazar. "It included a measurement of seriousness to that type of protective measure."

In 2006, secretary of veterans work Jim Nicholson had actually to attend to this new level that seriousness when he to be transported via helicopter come an unknown location and also given a protection briefing. But was maybe to gain a steak dinner in the process.

Jim Nicholson in 2007 Alex Brandon/AP

Source: alphabet News

In 2010, an unusual circumstance supposed that two designated survivors to be selected.

Barack Obama providing his 2010 State the the Union Charles Dharapak/AP

Source: Washington Post

Then-secretary the state Hillary Clinton was overseas in London during the State the the Union, yet secretary of housing and also urban development Shaun Donovan was also named designated survivor.

Shaun Donovan, manager of the White House's Office of Management and Budget (OMB), answers questions at the Reuters an international Climate readjust Summit in Washington, October 14, 2014. REUTERS/Jim Bourg

Source: Washington Post

Had US leadership been delete everything out, Clinton would have actually succeeded former President Barack Obama since she would have actually been the lone survivor in the heat of succession. But due to the fact that her location was known, an additional survivor had to be selected.

Thankfully — outside of the fictitious TV show on alphabet — no real designated survivors have had to accomplish their doomsday missions.

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Sonny Perdue, left, is sworn in as the 31st Secretary of agriculture by us Supreme Court justice Clarence thomas on April 25, 2017. call Keres/USDA

Just a few minutes before the 2019 State that the Union, energy Secretary rick Perry was preferred as the designated survivor

former Texas governor Rick Perry exits after meeting v U.S. President-elect Donald Trump at Trump Tower. REUTERS/Brendan McDermid
U.S. Deputy Secretary the the internal David Bernhardt speaks during the annual state of Colorado power luncheon funded by the Colorado Petroleum board of directors Thursday, July 26, 2018, in Denver. David Zalubowski/AP photograph

Michal Kranz contributed to a previous variation of this story.

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