August 21, 2020 at 12:35 afternoon PDTBy KIRO 7 News StaffWEST SEATTLE — A Burien man is now charged through two counts the first-degree murder, with a bail collection at $5 million.

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Police think he killed a couple who was renting a room in his house, before dumping their remains. Your bodies were discovered inside a suitcase follow me Alki coast in West Seattle.

Court documents say 62-year-old Michael L. Dudley was arrested native his Burien residence Wednesday, by Seattle police.

Long-time neighbors say Dudley had lived there for 15 come 20 years.

“He was a pretty man, he began out really, really well,” claimed Catherine Rogers, a neighbor.

Documents released say Dudley admitted come having disagreements with the victims.

And that he called detectives, “He had actually charged lock $1,500 a month in rent, but they were not able to pay it.”

“Over rent, that is stunner it’s over rent,” one more neighbor said. “I can not fathom that thought, the he would do that,” the ar said.

Other next-door neighbors say the man they knew because that years, freshly started behaving strangely and wonder if other factors were involved.

“This summer things had actually really nose-dived,” Rogers said. “I provided to have the ability to see his house and the laurels have actually all get an impressive up,” she said. Dudley’s house is currently barely visible from the street.

Investigators speak CSI detectives found bullet holes, invested rounds, and blood in the room the couple was renting, and also that “it was obvious the room had actually recently been painted and cleaned.”

The victims, established as a 27-year-old Austin Wenner and also 35-year-old Jessica Lewis, to be shot and killed June 9 in the 16400 block that Ambaum Boulevard southern in Burien.

Ten days later on a team of teens found a big suitcase close to the water in the 1100 block of Alki path Southwest. Within was a black color trash bag and also they were repelled by a foul smell. The teens called 911.

Their encounter to be posted ~ above the social media communication TikTok and also has gone viral.

Seattle police later uncovered multiple suitcases containing human being remains that have since been established as Lewis and Wenner.

One month later on August 19, a find warrant was served for the Burien home the suspect mutual with the couple.

The suspect described the blood saying that Lewis had reduced herself, yet he had no answers because that the bullet holes. ~ the interview Wednesday, he to be arrested and also booked into the King county Jail in Seattle.

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On Thursday, a judge found probable reason for 2 counts that first-degree murder. A charging decision is intended Monday.