law & stimulate SVU: Why Stabler Left after ~ Season 12 together an original law & Order: SVU member, kris Meloni"s exit came together a large shock. Here"s how they wrote Elliot Stabler the end of the show.

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Elliot Stabler in Law and Order SVU
kris Meloni"s exit as Elliot Stabler indigenous the Manhattan distinct Victims Unit in Law & Order: SVU was a significant moment in the present - yet why did that leave? together a spinoff to prick Wolf"s interconnected Law & Order franchise, Law & Order: SVU debuted in 1999 and is at this time the longest-running U.S. Live-action collection on television. While the show"s key protagonist is Mariska Hargitay"s Olivia Benson, she once common the headlining spot through Meloni"s Stabler.

Stabler very first entered the NYPD in 1986 and also became an SVU detective in 1983. He was partnered with Benson in 1998 and also the two occurred a solid bond working with each other for more than a decade. Hargitay and also Meloni had electric chemistry the the display toyed ~ above the opportunity of their characters potentially starting an affair, yet the series never moved forward through it. Benson and also Stabler"s outings cracked down sex-related offenders in Manhattan were tackled main after week because that the first 12 periods of Law & Order: SVU, until Meloni"s abrupt exit from the series in 2011.

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Law & Order: SVU didn"t waste any type of time fixing Stabler"s absence moving forward, no one did that propagate the notion that he could come back. Law & Order: SVU"s season 12 finale was used as a springboard to compose him out of the show. In the illustration "Smoked," Stabler was forced to shoot the daughter of a killing victim that was wreaking destruction at the precinct. While Stabler just wanted to prevent her from shooting agani after currently killing three people, he regrettably fatally shot her, and also she died in his arms. This resulted in him being put under administrative leave, revealed in the season 13 premiere, "Scorched Earth." Benson, who was at the scene once the shooting took place, desperately made a instance for her partner, explaining to the then-precinct captain Donald Cragen (Danny Florek) the Stabler"s activity was justified provided the circumstances. Still, Cragen revealed that Stabler necessary to it is in subjected for psychiatric evaluation before he might return come work.

Confident the he didn"t execute anything wrong, Stabler vehemently refused to abide through the internal Affairs Board"s demands. Before Benson was able to talk some sense to her partner, Cragen revealed that he currently filed for his retirement, leaving the task force for good. In hindsight, act something drastic like this remained in character for Stabler who could be impulsive and emotional at times - but despite that, one can not deny how ill-fitting Law & Order: SVU handled his exit, especially for a character who was front-and-center that the show for 12 seasons.

Off-screen, Meloni"s decision to leaving Law & Order: SVU stemmed from pay dispute. His contract expired between Law & Order: SVU seasons 12 and also 13, and also he was in the process of renegotiating the terms of his deal with the show. While the specifics of the discussion were never publicized, Meloni walk belatedly say that he doesn"t regret leaving the series when the did, explaining that he knew it was the right time to relocate on when the value negotiations broke down in between him and NBC. Due to the fact that his critical outing together Stabler, he"s showed up in a grasp of other shows, including headlining the adult comedy Happy!, and roles in The Handmaid"s Tale, Harley Quinn, and also an upcoming illustration in The Twilight Zone.

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Now, ~ nine seasons of absence, Meloni is slated to return to Law & Order: SVU, as he"s evidenced to reprise his duty as Stabler in season 22"s premiere episode. Special, of just how he"s going to it is in re-incorporated into the present are quiet scant at the moment yet fans room understandably excited because that his reunion with Stabler that is now the Captain of the precinct. It"s safe to say the his upcoming figure will function as a backdoor pilot come his still-untitled spinoff.