DETROIT, MI -- Mitchelle Blair, the 36-year-old Detroit mother who tortured and also killed two of her children and stored the body in the family members deep freezer, offered her an initial interview since being sentenced come life in prison.

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Matt Doran of Crime watch Daily carried out the interview, throughout which Blair expounded on her motive because that killing she 13-year-old daughter, Stoni A. Blair; and her 9-year-old son, Stephen Gage Berry, who bodies were uncovered during an eviction march 24.

Blair said during previous court hearings both youngsters molested and also "gang-raped" her 8-year-old surviving son.

Blair admitted to choking Stoni and also Stephen, suffocating lock by putting bags over your heads until they lost consciousness, repeated beatings and throwing scalding water on them.

Autopsies revealed both kids were malnourished, back Blair admits only to starving Stoni, whom she fed one key of oatmeal a day.

Blair never ever reported the alleged sex-related abuse that Stephen, yet says her violent reaction stems native deep-seeded trauma she suffered since of her very own experience with sexual abuse as a child.

"I called my mommy what occurred to me and also the just thing she said, 'It's end with, what the expletive perform you desire me to do about it," Blair told Doran. "I'm a kid and I'm just telling you what occurred to me and also you ain't act (expletive) around it -- and also I had to check out the human coming in and out of my house, friend still friends with that person."

Alexander J. Dorsey is the 35-year-old father of Stoni and also Blair's enduring 18-year-old daughter; and Steven Berry, 31, of Redford, the dad of Stephen and Blair's surviving 8-year-old. The state dubbed them neglectful, absentee fathers who should have intervened to assist their kids out that the abusive home.

Wayne ar Circuit referee Edward Joseph terminated Blair's parental legal rights to both enduring children and the parental civil liberties of 7 Berry to his son.

Joseph didn't sever Dorsey's parental rights since the enduring daughter rotate 18 and became a legitimate adult prior to his ruling; additionally, Joseph said ending parental civil liberties would border her accessibility to society services, such as academic assistance.

Testimony in the custody case revealed kid Protective solutions investigated Blair twice, when in 2002 as soon as burns to be spotted on she girls' hands and also in 2005 when Dorsey's sister report Blair after finding scars on their backs while giving the girls a bath.

CPS never filed a petition to eliminate the children. The 2002 case file was destroyed, according to CPS, and some counseling was detailed after the 2005 incident.

Bob Wheaton, a spokesman for the room of human being Services, shown the state records retention policy calls for documents of confirmed abuse come be kept for 75 years.

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