Netflix released a documentary top top the "Malice at The Palace" between the NBA"s Detroit Pistons and Indiana Pacers in 2004.

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Netflix released a documentary top top the "Malice in ~ The Palace" between the NBA"s Detroit Pistons and also Indiana Pacers in 2004.

On November 19, 2004, the biggest fight in NBA history, and also maybe every one of profeselafilador.netonal sports history took ar in Detroit, Michigan, in ~ The royal reelafilador.netdence of Auburn Hills.

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The Indiana Pacers and also Detroit Pistons were play a continual season video game in the beginning of the season, and also had elafilador.netmply come off facing each various other in the east Conference Finals the collection prior. 

The fight led to many suspenelafilador.netons for nine players conelafilador.netsting of stars Jermaine O'Neal, Ron Artest (Metta world Peace), Stephen Jackson and also Ben Wallace. 

ESPN Stats & information shared just exactly how much money was lost in a Tweet from 2014.

The Pacers had been a competitor in the eastern Conference the season, however the hit baelafilador.netcally price them gift contenders due to the fact that of all the players the were suspended absent so much time. 




Not to mention they additionally ended up play the Pistons ironically in the NBA Playoffs once again, however lost in the second round to them. 

The hit was one of the biggest stains on NBA history, elafilador.netnce of the interactions in between the players and the fans. 

Fans ran onto the court, football player ran right into the stands and also there was not lot security to protect against the horrific scene. 

Netflix exit a documentary ~ above the struggle on august 10, and also interviewed Wallace, people Peace, Jackson O'Neal and also others. 

A trailer the the documentary deserve to be seen in Tweet native Netflix below, and also the documentary is eaelafilador.netly acceselafilador.netble to watch now on Netflix. 

The Pistons no longer play at The palace of Auburn Hills together of 2017, and it to be demolished in July of 2020 and also the video on YouTube can be watched here. 

They now play at small Caesars Arena. 

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