Korn has actually teamed up v artist and rapper, YelaWolf to supply a cover of The Charlie Daniels Band’s “The devil Went down to Georgia,” simply weeks after ~ the nation icon’s death.

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The relax came soon after the band posted a mysterious photograph on your Instagram, which fans later realized to be the song title, only scrambled.

The band’s cover of the tune released top top July 28, 2020, and sounds nice impressive despite the dramatic genre switch.

We’re very excited to bring you our cover the the late, great Charlie Daniels’ well known track, “The devil Went under To Georgia.” Charlie left a musical tradition that goes past just one genre, and also we desire to respect his talent and also influence v our own rendition that his song. The is obtainable exclusively ~ above our main
Bandcamp page, where 100% of every proceeds room being donated to the non-profit organization, Awakening Youth. Special thanks to our young
Yelawolf because that jumping on the track v us. You deserve to purchase her download in ~ the attach in bio.  Join united state in sustaining
Experience.Awakening.Youth’s mission, which empowers young human being who have actually lost continual interaction through a parent to life events such as divorce, addiction, death, and also more, to realize positive adjust in your lives and also awaken the an ideas to be their ideal selves. An ext information can be uncovered at the attach in our bio. To exclude, KORN x Awakening Youth woven patches room also accessible in our webstore.  Don’t forget we will certainly be walking live on our IG this particular day with
LiveNation in ~ 3PM PT come talk more about ours love because that Charlie, Awakening Youth, and to answer part fan questions. Set a reminder, and tune in to the live chat for a chance to victory some distinct merch.

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Korn made the song accessible through their website wherein they mutual a short message the what influenced them to relax their version:

“We’re really excited to lug you our cover of the late, an excellent Charlie Daniels’ notorious track, ‘The adversary Went down To Georgia.’ Charlie left a musical heritage that goes past just one genre, and we desire to respect his talent and influence through our very own rendition that his song. The is available exclusively via Bandcamp, wherein 100% of all proceeds space being donated come the non-profit organization, Awakening Youth. Special many thanks to our young Yelawolf for jumping top top the track through us.”

The track finds Korn recreating the notorious fiddle duel with heavily-distorted guitars, which adds to the rather ominous tale that the tune tells. Frontman Jonathan Davis and Yelawolf provide the story the the Devil and also Johnny with Davis’ devilish vocals considerably cutting with the guitars and drums.

Since forming, Korn has sold 40 million albums worldwide, and built up 2 Grammys. Fans deserve to listen or purchase their covering of the track here.

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Watch the video below to hear to the original version that “The adversary Went under To Georgia” by the Charlie Daniels Band.