Itmight have actually been magnificent inspiration that lugged the adversary down come Georgia-or itmight have actually been a high school literature class. Either way, Charlie Danielsadmits that composing his 1979 hit to be a sirloin job. Once Daniels and also his been went in come recordtheir album Million Mile Reflections, “werealized we required a violin song,” Daniels says. “It was a quick process, andthis thing came right into my mind.”

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Hisstory that a fiddler named Johnny, who bests the devil, nods to standard taleslike Faust and also The Devil and also Daniel Webster but likely fan a debt to a StephenVincent Benet city “The hill Whippoorwill” the Daniels review in highschool. “It had to do with a fiddlecontest in the hills with a young player who went up versus legends andwon,” he says. “I was very impressed through it because I to be a young fiddleplayer in ~ the time, and it impacted me personally.”
Danielsplayed seven different fiddles to produce the devil’s tune, which the hasdescribed together “just a bunch of noise.” “The devil’s just blowing smoke.”Meanwhile, the verse lines recited in between Johnny’s licks drew from oldAppalachian square-dancing refrains (“Fire on the Mountain/Run boys run”).
Morethan three decades after the tune hit No. 1 on the charts, “I never get tiredof it,” claims Daniels. And also one thing never changes: “I have the right to play the 10,000 timesand the devil never wins.”
InHonor the the Olympics~ here’s a funny reminder that the Women’s Gymnastics Team inthe 1996 Atlanta Georgia Games. Dominique Moceanu used The adversary Went under toGeorgia as the music for her floor routine.
We allremember the magnificent Seven! TheTheMagnificent 7 is the name offered to theUnitedStatesOlympic Women"sGymnasticsTeam that won thefirst ever Gold Medal because that the United says in the Women"s Team vain atthe1996 AtlantaOlympics. The seven membersof the team wereShannonMiller,DominiqueMoceanu,DominiqueDawes,KerriStrug,Amy Chow,AmandaBordenandJayciePhelps. Theaccomplishment was thought about phenomenal due to the fact that the Soviet Unionhad won the occasion inevery Olympics it had actually entered due to the fact that the 1950s. Furthermore, the united Stateshad never won the occasion in the Olympics - or the civilization Championships. Yet, inAtlanta, they fielded thedeepest U.S. Team in background and upstaged both the Russians and theRomanians, then reigning asWorld Champions for the second time. Who can forget Keri Strug’smoment of Glory.
Todaywas a good day in Olympic History. Because that the first time since the 1996 AtlantaGames the Women’s Gymnastics team took yellow in the Team Competition. The wassuch a proud moment! and also just a shout the end to Jordyn Wieber. She floor routinewas amazing.

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And inother break news Michael Phelps has won his 19th Olympic Medal makinghim the many decorated Olympian of every time. The document was previously hosted by Larissa Latynina, a Soviet gymnast whocompeted in 1956, 1960, and 1965.